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Tasks At Project One & Only


Like what most people would DEFINITELY say, the finalists for the Project One & Only had been through a lot of tasks into getting to where they are exactly. It’s not all glamorous all the way. Slightly different from your average, typical and stereotypical pageant, this actually judge you based on what is inside rather than the outside. For those who are unaware what Project One & Only is up to, here are some of the snippets for you.

Task : CHI Fitness Training Centre

Some of you guys might chuckle and thought I might contradict my earlier statement by blogging about this. Fitness is about building a good outer beauty. Yes? I might agree to it but it is much more than that.

Come on, you wouldn’t expect the person to be  representing the youth to look like Homer Simpsons do you? Looking great is easy but staying fit and in tip-top condition isn’t. Staying fit and healthy is important to us and hence, the contestants had to represent everything that are essential and important to us.


Contestants had to go through some tough and strict training from Kenneth Ho, Chi Fitness trainer in order to stay in shape for this competition. It takes hard work, determination, patience and dedication. It’s not whether you can do 1000 push-ups or not, or how fast you can do it or how good are you at it, BUT it is just whether are you willing to take up the challenge and see through it till the end.

Would you need someone who easily gives up on things to represent you? Definitely not and congratulations to our finalist for putting up with this task.

Task : Amber Chia Academy Grooming Course

Catwalking is an essential tool for presenting yourself. You need to look at your best when you are the face of the youth. The correct posture, expressions and style would represent the confidence in the finalists to be able to represent the youth community. The youth need someone who shows charisma not only through their speech and attitude but also the way they present themselves.

Wanna know more about how they will be able to present themselves and the Malaysian Youth Community? Come to the Grand Finale.

Task : Outward Bound Live-To-Be! Course

As I had mentioned many times, choosing a Youth Ambassador is choosing someone to lead  and represent the youth community. In this task, they had to go through 3 days and 2 nights leadership camp at Pangkor Island. The contestants had to go through 3 days of hardships living at the outdoors all by themselves. It’s definitely one of the most life changing experience for the contestants. What are the activities that they had done for this task?

1. Learn to tie ropes

2. Embrace the waters

3. Kayak to Pulau Pangkor

3. Rock Rappelling

4. Making their own tent

5. Keeping themselves warm at night

6. Waking up earlier than a rooster

7. Guard watch and duty includes chasing monkeys away.

The ONLY thing left for them to be a true survivor is to actually go through 3 years in Industrial Design course but overall they made an outstanding achievement.

That’s all for now and make sure to stay tuned for the Grand Finale.

Pictures from Project One & Only official website.

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  • @kianfai_rox

    Good post yo! thanks for sharing 😛
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  • tekkaus

    Ouh…I would love to do what they have done. Kayak….aw…I miss my kayaking days. 😀

    • Lettie

      Doista si nam prekrasno dočarala spilju. U potpunosti sam je doživjela tako da ću je jednom sigurno pottrjisi..peava destinacija za obiteljski jednodnevni izlet. Lijep pozdrav i hvala na posjeti i komentarima!!!

  • lianemarkus

    I know all of you had a great time and all of you enjoyed the activities that you have done. I also hope I can experience this kind of activity with my friends. This will be a perfect bonding for us. I like your photos, all of you look stunning on your various shots.
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