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It’s been a very very hectic week. I have many things on my hands yet to be done and work just keep piling it and it is almost unbearable. I almost didn’t have a blog post today but I decided to wake up early in the morning, 5am to get this done. But first, I would like to apologize as this blog post is something like a repost. I blogged about this once several years back but I felt not much people actually reads it as it is full with words. So I convert it into comic form instead. I have many contents actually but didn’t have enough time to draw them out yet due to the hectic work schedule. But please bear with me for once and enjoy this story.

At this Phiten store, I was curious as shit regarding the product. How it works confuses me and I would like to know. So me and my friend decided to ask the sales promoter over what exactly is the product and how it actually works. If there is any technology involved, we need some explanation to better understand it. This is what we get.


Little “Einstein” here was left satisfied showing a smug expression that he knows better. The amount of shitty explanation that spout from his mouth amazed me till today. So shitty that he would actually make a great politician. I always thought myself to be a shitty promoter back in my days of selling shoes and animes stuff, but this genius totally outclassed me. Being shitty at what you are doing definitely need talents and I am nowhere near his.

How about you guys? Ever encountered a promoter that is too full of shit?

P/S: I am not sure if it’s just me but the genius here relating technology to everything he doesn’t understand seems like our overused phrase 1 Malaysia. Remember our 55th Independence song? It sounds like 1 Malaysia is the explanation and answer to everything.

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