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Teenagers Behind Their Parents’ Back


Let’s admit it. We had all been through the rebellious age. Even if we didn’t, for sure there are certain things that we did behind our parents’ back. What I notice the most besides watching porn behind their parents’ back, they tend to curse more than they ever need to.

I once blog about CURSING AND ITS ADVANTAGES but kids nowadays take it to another level. They curse so much, it just become plain retarded. I once saw a group of kids probably age around 12 to 14 years old, trying to FIT IN AS MUCH FOUL WORDS AS POSSIBLE into one simple sentence. It doesn’t show how cool are them, it just shows how limited their vocabularies are and how hard they are trying to act cool.

Do you know the moment where you stop in the middle of your sentence in order to figure out what to say next, you will automatically say “Erm..”, “Ar…” etc? These group of kids I saw, they uses foul words instead of those. That’s where it gets all messed up. I wonder do they even know they make themselves sound stupid and the entire sentence had lost its meaning.

Just last week, I saw a group of teenagers loitering outside 100yen shop in Aman Suria. Age probably around 17 years old and they look more like dropouts. 3 of them spotted blonde hairdos and acting like some touch gangsters. There is another guy with black hair which is their so called “recently recruited underling”. The 3 blonde hair guys just sitting there and bragging about HOW THEY STEAL SEVERAL PACKETS OF STUFF FROM A STORE.

When theft becomes plain funny and retarded

I almost laughed my ass off hearing that. Of course stealing is a crime but for them to act tough like that? How bad ass is that? It’s darn pathetic if you ask me. Can’t they afford just a simple few packets of snacks? If you wanna be bad and brag about it, I cannot understand why they need to brag about some stupid stuffs like that. Then they even ask the “underling” to learn from there and this is what they mean by being cool.

I felt kinda sad and sorry for the black hair underling as he seemed so intimidated by these 3 BLONDE HAIRED SNACKS STEALING GANGSTERS WANNABE. I do not know whether to laugh my ass off or feel sorry for his ass.

Teenagers are way much worse than what their parents imagine them to be. Of course, there are many good apples as well and not only the bad ones. So it brings me to think. If you had a child, how do you raise the child to avoid being that pathetic?

Parents nowadays tend to force their children to do what they want the children to like rather what their children like. It causes all these incidents where they no longer had any means to release their pressure or tension. I was forced by my parents when I’m young to do what they want me to do instead of what I want to do. I can only come up with 1 conclusion.

Doing that, might just pleasing them for several years or so but you end up have to feel unhappy for a lifetime. This is the point where people tends to have a lot of “What Ifs” in their mind and started to regret. I thought of it and would not like to have such regret in the future and therefore, decided to take up this design course that I took. It’s true that I had done many things unaware by my own parents and I believed these teenagers are doing just that.

They wanted to appear cool to their peers without much thinking because they lack such training to think for themselves. They lack judgement skills probably due to lack of judgement training by their parents. So if you are a parent, do you know what your child is doing behind your back?

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