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Thank You Nuffnang And Celcom!


What’s up everyone!! I know this had been a very long overdue post. But had been busy and too many blog posts needed to be done first. Please forgive me for it! Let’s get to the main point! Like some people had know, I won something from a blogging contest 2 months ago. So what exactly did I win? No surprise to most of you who had been out with me.

The awesome me doing my awesome signature dance
From left : Nuffnang dude, Cube girl, Cube guy

Alright the actual scenario was not like this, obviously. The Nuffnang office was a little bit difficult for me to find as I wasn’t really familiar with the place. Upon arriving there, I was greeted by a bunch of busy Nuffies. Some busy with their work and some definitely busy with their lunch. Still, they took time to say hi and congrats me.

With a beautiful Nuffie handing me my prize. (Mik)

I was hoping for some Godly dude from Celcom to eventually bestow the Blackberry to me but heck, a beautiful girl will do as well. On a side note, I love their post it board at the back of the picture. Kinda make me missed my old office’s mirror where everyone used to draw and scribble on it. And since it’s been so long since I once get it from them, I think it’s fair for me to relate my experience in using this Blackberry Torch 9860.

A quick run through regarding the specs of this Blackberry Torch 9860. This would be the first fully touch screen for the Blackberry Torch series. This Blackberry Torch 9860 runs on the Blackberry OS 7 with also a 1.2 GHz processor. It has a 5 MP camera and also with LED flash. It also comes with the standard Blackberry Optical Track Pad. This BB Torch 9860 sports a 3.7 inches screen and I got to say. It’s screen resolution is pretty good among all Blackberry phones to date.

What I like about the Blackberry Torch 9860 is it boots programs very quickly and responsive. The number of email accounts I could set separately is amazing as well. I can get to manage my emails properly without getting worried that I would overload the storage.

 I could also synchronize my phone to multiple computers and also the Blackberry Messenger is definitely a great app. It is almost costless to actually use the Blackberry Messenger and all you need is to subscribe to the Blackberry Internet Service. There is not even a need to have a data plan in order to use it. On a side note, it’s too bad that it is only applicable to Blackberry phones only.

The camera is not bad actually for a phone camera. It automatically detects your environment and set itself to low light condition feature for your camera without the need to manually switch it. It’s pretty convenient as I frequently need a quick snap of things around me (usually car park location and I had tonnes of photos of those) and it starts very quickly as well. Below are some sample photos of the camera.

The design of their UI is always amazing to me. I love the simplicity of it and it is very well organized.

There are several bad side to this Blackberry Torch 9860. The one that annoys me most of the time is the battery life. It could barely last me a day if I were to use it at a normal rate. If I tweet and Facebook non stop, I probably could only last about 5 hours from the battery being fully charged. Probably the large screen had taken a lot of toll on its battery life and it drains at a very fast pace. This problem did not occur in their normal Blackberry phones with QWERTY keypad and those phones really can last!

Next, would also be the limited apps provided. I love using camera apps but most of the apps, I got to purchase it where some of it, I could get some similar apps on Apple and Android absolutely free. Instagram and Picplz for one. And not every phone can support every single app that they have. Technically, it’s a good phone if you want to use it for your business deals and that’s it.

Another downside of this phone, is the fully touch screen keyboard is not as good as it seems. It might be sensitive but I often typed the wrong letter despite touching the letter I want. It’s accuracy lacks and also the arrangements on the number pad is slightly not so user friendly. However, I love the huge layout for dialing phone numbers.

Overall, it was a good phone if you are not much into apps. If you have multiple email accounts that you can set different ringtones on it, this phone would be a good choice. A fix at its battery life is a definite must in the future.

Once again, I would like to FINALLY thank Nuffnang Malaysia for providing me this opportunity to win the phone. Thanks a lot guys and also thanks a lot to Celcom and The Cube for the prize and also opportunity. I rarely get to win stuff and this is a definite high point for me in my life. Thanks a lot Nuffnang and Celcom! I never really thought I could win this to begin with as firstly I never won anything from Nuffnang except for movie invites. Thanks a lot for the opportunity given once again. Looking forward for more contest in the future!

If you guys want to check out my winning post, here’s the LINK.

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