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The Gay Issue


Let’s be honest. Gays are the most discriminated groups of society alongside transsexuals in this modern times. Why lesbians aren’t included? The reason is simple. Most girls would not discriminate against them and just treat them the same but probably a little less closer while most straight guys think they are hot. Gays? Most girls might actually find them affectionate and would not even bother with them while majority of the straight guys felt that the existence of gay men just tainted their entire history of manhood.

To tell the truth, I had little clue why gay men are gays. After a short discussion with Grey Ang and also discussions with several gay online friends of mine, I come to realize that they came with the conclusion that they are born that way. They are born with the natural sexual preference over the male species rather than female. Explanation? They don’t really know it too. Some of them just couldn’t get a hard on by the sight of women’s breasts and some even to the stage where they nauseate over the sight of women’s privates. While me thinking the greatest invention of God has got to be the women’s breast, Hell, I would even set a religion and worship them, they just would not share the same idea as me.

I would list down several factors on why most gay men remain they way they are. Just in case anyone of you thinking that gay men are born that way, there are many cases where a complete straight guy or bisexual turn into full gay mode. I even heard of a story where the gay dude used to be a player where he did ONS with women, orgy and so one but in the end just turn into gay men. Reasons of transformation? Read below for a not-so-accurate-but-most-probably-true reasonings for most case.

1. Women are nothing but trouble
Same goes for the men hating lesbians psychology, most gay men just find getting into a relationship with women are far too troublesome. Demanding and yet ever emotional women might just scare them away from getting into a relationship with women. Face it. Guys are far less demanding as most of them would be happy if they frequently get a blowjob. Guys don’t really demand shoes, clohes, jewellery and we rarely forces our partner to do something that they do not like unless it’s sexual. Being in a relationship with guy, the gay partner would knew exactly how to keep the guy happy.

2. Blowjobs will always be better
A guy definitely know what a guy wants. Whether the way the tongue flick or the motion of doing it, we guys know best and I am not limiting to gays only. It’s not a myth that when most girls give a blowjob, we often felt teeth. Or the grasping motion made our little brother way too uncomfortable. We guys know them all and so gays would often be able to do what’s best as they had a tool for their own. It’s just the same as how we guys do not understand the feel of girls getting into orgasms. Besides that, men are usually more open with sex as we do not really involved much emotional factors as women did.

Is homosexuality a sin?

I would not say that gay relationship is not a emotional affair but in fact I think it is far more straining than a normal guy-girl relationship. The biggest problem is definitely not the normal disagreement between partners but the emotional pressure from the society and family members. Even in these modern times, the society had a hard time accepting gay members. To them, it is against the order of nature and also it clashes with religious teachings and moral values.

If we come to think of it, homosexuality is not exactly a sin like most people assume to be. As most of them are born naturally that way, is it their fault that their nature differs from the norm? Like I said earlier, most gay men would not find a woman sexually or emotionally appealing to them. Isn’t forcing them to be straight is the one against the law of nature? Would most straight guys have sex with a 90 years old grandmother? It is not against the law of nature then why hesitate right? Would most people find having sex with a dog is fine? What if having sex with a woman is like having sex with a dog for the gay men? Would you have sex with a dog if I said it is religiously rightful and morally correct?

Determining whether are you gay

According to Grey Ang, he said that each gays have this sense called the gaydar where they can sense gay men around them. When I said I did not have the ability to do so, he said that I’m just not gay enough. Good to hear that. Hahahaha. I would not know how to exactly detect a gay man around me but I happen to chance upon this picture which shows a simple way of determining are you gay or not.

Wanna see mine?

Obviously my ring finger is longer than my index finger. This method could actually work. XD

The Stereotype

There is this one stereotype that I would like to share with you readers. I’m not exactly an anti-gay person as I believe they should have their own social rights. However, I’m quite unhappy with them at times. Why? Because most of them are *&^*(*&@#*$@- good looking. When you guys do not want women, women comes to you. I had known several female friends who definitely have the hots for gays. This isn’t fair at all you know? Of coz I know that gays had to be extra good looking as they not only need to compete among gay men but also with girls for the affection of a guy. Plus, it had been implanted into our brains that gays are not only good looking, but they had a fucking awesome body as well. Talk about fairness.

See my point? They are not only good lood looking but they had good bodies as well. I saw many gays actually went over to gym while holding hands. What the fuck. Ladies, I would like to clarify this. Most gay men had muscles toned bodies but that doesn’t mean they are the best option k? REAL MACHO STRAIGHT GUYS ARE LIKE THIS!!!
The caricature above is an illustration of the current macho me with my new hairstyle as well. That’s all for now. I hope some readers would post some comments regarding how they felt about gay. This post might sound a bit strange in the content. Probably coz i felt very clueless about this topic and looking at guys pics is not really my cup of tea. Signing off.

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  • amelia ng ruiyi

    haha! oopsies found! great post!!

  • sandygan

    hw cn say women is trouble..tsk tsk.. my index finger is WAY longer than my ring finger so does that mean I'm lesbian??

  • Anonymous

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