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The Lesbian Issue


This topic coming out from a guy is highly unlikely but I guess who is better at describing this other than a guy. There are two reasons why I’m capable of debating this. Firstly, being a guy I think I could judge things at a certain angle girls would not explore into. Secondly, I think its more interesting to do so as it not only could attracts the attention of females but also males (on the other note, I think most guys are into this lesbian thingy).

I shall proceed with my stand that I think majority of the female community are born with a certain degree of tendency to being a lesbian. In another words, most of the females were born slightly bisexual. I’m not referring to any porn that states the ever famous quote “Every girl is a lesbian, they just need a d***” so do not worry and proceed to read on without any indecent thoughts in your mind. Below are the several reasons that made me came into that conclusion.

1. Most girls wished their boyfriends to be more like their besties.

Watching chick flicks, having a heart pouring session, shopping trips, branding us nicknames even some to the extend of naming our manly privates into some sissified nicks and many more. Which of these doesn’t reflect that you girls wished that your boyfriends to be more like your girlfriends? It comes to the point where you wanted to do all your fun things which most guys hate and when we refuse, you girls would call out your gang of girlfriends and curse that idiot who is so insensitive. Darling, we are not insensitive but it’s just we are not girls.

2. The sensitivity is always an issue
Most guys are not sensitive enough and I had to admit even I’m not sensitive enough although I did my best in doing so. Girls are highly sensitive and caring towards others be it girlfriends, boyfriends, family members, dogs, cats, teddy bears and even Princess Diana although none actually knew her in real life. I’ve seen girls cried over Princess Diana death with my very own two eyes although Princess Diana knows shits about them and the distance between us is more than 1000 km. NOW that’s sensitivity. The sensitivity that guys do not possess and most girls wish we would. The sensitivity that all the girls loved be it tomboys, old granny, girl next door or super model. Men? Our sensitivity limits mostly to ourselves and our ego. If any guy possess that kind of sensitivity, that guy definitely got one of the best gift for women and from God. Girls love the sensitivity in girls. Period.

3. They check out girls
Face of an angel and body of a devil. They not only got men doing their “standing ovation” but also got girls admiring them. Who do not like to look at pretty girls with hot bods? I knew more girls checking out girls openly compare to guys. The mesmerizing effect of a woman’s beauty is truly God’s design at its best when it could attract attention from both sex.

There are few more details on why most girls are bisexual but I got to cut it short to make way for the several reasons why they do not turn into a full lesbian mode. Yes, it’s true that we got a package to please women but that’s not the reason at all.

1. Men’s dominant and protective nature

Most girls love being pampered while most of them do not like playing the dominant role. Probably the magical works of hormones and genes that save the human race from being extinct by the overpopulation of lesbians. They seek not only love but also protection and pampering from a more dominant nature which most men provide. Seriously, there are very few girls capable of doing this and this is what makes us guys have a great advantage.

2. Opposite attracts
Sometimes we tend to seek what we do not possess and hence this is what I call opposite attraction. While girls seek for someone to be able to protect and pamper them, guys seek someone to be able to manage their life and care for them. What we have is what the opposite sex don’t. Hence, opposite attraction.

3. We are their means of entertainment by nature

Laughter is the best medicine and also the best attraction ever. We guys often did things that would make the girls giggle either intentionally or unintentionally. How often do you girls laughed at girls? Now compare to how often do you girls laugh at boys? We just amuse you girls endlessly even to the point of branding us with the several famous labels such as “Boys will always be boys and never grow up”, “Boys are such loser”, “Boys are idiots” and many more. Laugh all you want sister because that’s what makes you attracted to us to the point where some of us pretend to be silly to get your attention. Remember your primary and secondary school puppy love? *winks*

Think that’s all for now. I suddenly have the urge to blog about this after discussing this matter with girl lately. Anyone wanna give their point of view regarding this matter? Do drop a comment. Hope you people enjoy another random post of mine. Signing off.

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  • reanaclaire

    I have a few lady frens who love one another…. one will be a "man" and the other of course the lady.. funny though, they last for many years now…

  • Eric Lee

    haha not surprising as I had friends like that too…It means the "man" had the perfect mixture of dominance, and sensitivity…I guess that's why most lesbians have very long relationship…

  • ~JoAnN LiM~

    An enjoyable read. =)I think boys dont have to be a girl to become a girl's best friend. And sometimes its not that men aren't sensitive, they just have a different way of expressing their emotions than girls do. And yes, i think girls DO check other girls' bods more openly. *guilty as charged* tho we stare not really for the same reason men do. I'm more for straight relationships i guess. =) good post!

  • Miss Hanz

    Does the girl have a name?

  • Eric Lee

    joann: thanks a lot for the compliment..haha looks like my point is very well proven that girls check out girls..u will never know why men stares like that k? hahamisshanz: i suppose if that girl got a thick face…she would be commenting in this post..oo..wait…its you..XD

  • Kelvin

    i want a lesbian girlfriend!

  • Eric Lee

    kelvin: ooohhhh the "Holy Grail" for men…i would want a lesbian girlfriend too…haha well may be bisexual…hm…ok shall not reveal too much of my desire here

  • [rin]

    haha!well, at least you admit that guys have great egos…=D

  • Eric Lee

    well…it's a fact..hahaha in order to progress, don't we need to realize our mistakes and laugh at ourselves? haha

  • conan_cat

    ahha well you got a point! especially the girls love to check out girls part, i don't think guys love to check out guys (unless they're gay like me xD)as i quote Lady Gaga, everyone is born to be bisexual to a certain level, men and women are just a choice. 😀

  • Eric Lee

    Grey: hahaha good one grey…yeah straight guys rarely check out guys…we prefer to think of ourselves more..well, Lady Gaga got a point there…lol

  • Manju

    of course girls check out other girls' bods, but that's coz we're competitive i guess

  • conan_cat

    eh, i see you changed ur blog layout 😀 well done! i think it's much better than the old one, much cleaner and easier to read!

  • ladyviral

    Hi there :). Surely made alot sense :P. Not all girls look for their bestie in the guys. But of course I guess most does. But that is just do unreasonable imo. We can't expect everything to go our way can we now? If we really want our guy to be like our bestie, we might as well marry the bestie hence the lesbianity haha.

  • Anonymous

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