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The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh


The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh was not only designed to cater for adults. It is a theme park after all and The Lost World of Tambun consists of seven main elements of FUN which are the Water Park, the Amusement Park, Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, Lost World Petting Zoo, the Lost World Tin Valley and Lost World Team Building Park.

The ticket price to enter the park is as below.

  • Adult – RM48 nett per person
  • Children – RM 41 nett per person
  • Chilren below 90cm in height – Free of charge
  • Group package available upon inquiry – minimum 30 pax and advanced booking required

First off, we were given  tour around the theme park. Not by walking but by these awesome vintage looking train! I always enjoy riding one of these at slow pace. Taking pictures will be easier and in style as well.

One of the biggest highlight of The Lost World Tambun is definitely their Petting Zoo. The place contains a large variety of animals, especially birds, which can get basically every children and photography enthusiast like myself excited. I was definitely very shutter happy at the moment.

But before we go into that, let’s take a look at another interesting area first which is The Lost World Tin Valley. Ok to be honest, I messed up the arrangement of the photos here and it is a hassle to rearrange it so bear with me for a moment.

Basically, this experience zone was designed to take you back to the era of “dulang washer”. We were shown how tin was mined by the locals at Perak that time and we even get to try out the techniques ourselves later on. It was not easy especially the glaring hot sun is drying to deep fry you at any given chance.

I am glad that The Lost World management maintained an experience zone to tell their visitors a little about Perak’s history.

Now back to the petting zoo. Besides being surprised by the large variety of animals and birds at the park, I was even more surprised by how friendly and receptive these animals were towards human beings. They were not only not afraid, they were actually quite friendly. Petting these animals were really pleasant as you do not have to worry much about being bitten or hurt.

The animals were absolutely beautiful as well. Just look at the peacock! Look how gorgeous the feathers were on its body. The birds were groomed very well and trained very well indeed. These birds are definitely suitable for kids to interact with and I bet kids would have lots of fun in this area. Heck, even as an adult, this park is fun. Especially when it has a lot of good photo opportunity.


See how friendly these birds are!

And probably the COOLEST and also the only place where you can experience this is dining in the cave. Yes. Cave. Complete with pointy rocks staring deep at your head.

If you ask me, this is the world’s best dining restaurant for hipsters! Forget the creative coffee joints! If you are nearby and a hipster

The experience of dining in the cave is definitely an interesting one. I always thought The Lost World of Tambun to be a place without much excitement except for the hot springs but I was wrong. There are a lot of unique features and definitely a place worth going. In fact, given the price of those entry tickets, it is actually still quite cheap!

For more info:
Facebook: The Lost World of Tambun
Website: http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/

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  • rushessay

    I am always interested to know about these types of historical places that are meant to see in real. I was literally wondering to visit this place and see it with my own eyes.

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