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Have any of you guys read before the article on what Sharyn Lisa Shufiyan said regarding on the concept of 1Malaysia and racism? If you guys have not read that article before, here’s the LINK.

If you guys had read it, what do you guys think? Very good? Wish that all Malaysian youth would think that way? Or plain utter meaningless rubbish? Whatever your opinion might be, I on the other hand think it is brilliant but yet debatable at some point. But that’s a different story from what I’m gonna blog about today. What caught my attention from this article is not what Sharyn said but it is actually the attention she’s getting from it especially from the older generation of Malaysia. Why? Here’s why.

First of all, when the adults claim that Sharyn is one of the rare few true Anak Malaysia, I am not sure to laugh or cry at their ignorance regarding our generation. Don’t get me wrong. I do not anti her and in fact, I love what she wrote as well. Since Sharyn is 24, so I will categorized the so called “Malaysian Youth” in question here to be below 30’s. With all due respect to Sharyn, I seriously think that the main reason she got such a well received attention from the adults is due to her being in the media field and also being the great granddaughter of Tunku Abdul Rahman. I mean seriously, if any normal 24 year old blog or write about this, would we be aware of it? If there is a secondary school student who wrote about this in school, would we be aware of it? The answer is no.

As you can see, the eyes of the society can be so superficial at times till the point of neglecting the minor details. When someone say “Don’t mind the small details” then they are an example of people who are plain ignorant of the fact that they are actually quite ignorant. Would you accept it if your son came to you and say he get low score for his exam and he just simply blurted out “Don’t mind the small details”? Or a court case without enough evidence, can we prosecute the accused? Just face it people, everything is made up of SMALL DETAILS and if anyone come to me and say “Don’t mind the small details”, I will definitely go to his/her car and removed the steering wheel since it is such a small piece compare to the size of a car.

Before I get way too far from my topic, I personally think that majority of the adults in Malaysia are quite ignorant of the fact that the Malaysian youth are no longer ignorant and stupid. As you can see from our last general election, there are a significant increase in new voters and this shows that the youth are already paying attention to the country. I can simply name several bloggers who are either as outspoken and intelligent as Sharyn or even better than her but yet, they did not get as much attention as Sharyn does.

To me, the younger generation of this nation is definitely progressing but the older generation do not exactly take us seriously enough. Look at UMNO Youth, MCA Youth etc etc. Their leaders are mainly old uncles or aunties at the age of about 40 plus. We cannot blame the younger generation to not be interested in politics since even the so called YOUTH division are monopolized by middle-aged people. Why do we even need to train leaders when they SHOULD be ready to be leaders? Why do the younger generation often being neglected? Does improving the education system or debating about the usage or BM or English really help to build the younger generation? When do MY generation will get a shot of utilizing our leadership skills? When we hit 40? So we use our remaining 20 years to keep monitoring how our nation might slumped and had nothing we can do about it?

Talking about cultivating 1Malaysia concept among the Malaysian youth. Honestly and seriously, I do not think the most Malaysia youth need that sort of cultivation among us. I think the ones that need to learn about the concept 1Malaysia are politicians who kept using racial motives in political strategy. We youth are more united than they think. I had seen Malays mixing with Chinese and Indians for basketball games. I had seen youngsters from different races sitting together in mamak stalls talking happily and there are not a single hint of racism among them. The thought of discussing how each race differ from one another never crosses our mind UNLESS we read it from the news when a politician came to talk about it. Honestly, the Malaysian youth are quite tired of how most adults are ignorant towards our ability and mindset. If we end up being much race cautious, I’ll be frank that I personally think that certain adults should be blamed for that.

Saw the video above? This minister is rendered speechless by a student’s question. Can any of you notice how capable are the youth of the world today? Let me sum it up. The ones that are able to capture the hearts of this group, are the ones going to win big in the next general election. Things aren’t looking too good for BN at the moment. Hmmm…

P/S: Everything on this post is merely my personal opinion and I mean no direct insult to any party or person in particular. If you are offended by this post, it shows that I am right on the dot on most case which I assume that you must be an adult who are ignorant to us younger generation. Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates. From this post onwards, I’ll be active in blogging once again.

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    I have been through her concept of 1Malaysia and racism and it sure has been an interesting thing to talk about. I think that the authorities are supposed to be aware with these types of things.

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