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The Marriage Question


What is the most annoying thing that almost everyone in their mid-20’s have? The marriage question from relatives or your parents’ friends. Not sure if this was written on the book of “How to communicate with your friend/relative’s young adult”, if there is, the author should be skewered through his/her anus, but this question annoys the shit out of every single one of us. Sometimes I wonder why would they even care about my marriage when my parents clearly don’t? The level of nosiness is definitely high.

And then somehow I caught my mom several times asking these sort of questions. Well, not exactly marriage but about my cousin’s love life. I guess it is either an “Aunt” thing or my mom and my aunt made a pact with each other to ask these sort of questions because they are the ones who actually wanted to know. This is why sometimes, I hate family gatherings. Family gatherings will be a blast without these awkward questions. I rather they ask about my job or my imaginary Porsche

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