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The Most Confusing Thing in Malaysia


In Malaysia, entertainment is currently at all time high. Been long since I rant anything about Malaysia but here is one special bit that made me laugh my arse off. This is it.

Since it is forbidden for a non-Muslim in Malaysia to use a particular word, I decided to go for this approach. Can anyone tell me that THIS IS NOT RIDICULOUS? Anyone? No?

Apparently, here in Malaysia, most people have a serious case of easily confused minds. Just by a name, a person can forget and even get confuse over a religion that they were born with. What is even more amusing is that  supposedly scholars of that particular religion were being criticized of not knowing their religion by people who don’t even understand the root of the religion. That is definitely the most hilarious thing I heard in so many..wait, never mind forget that. This is like a 5 year old coming up to Gordan Ramsay and teach him how to cook properly.

If a person’s faith was so easily swayed, it will not be a question of how everyone labels God but rather the teaching passed down wasn’t that effective at all. I personally do not believe in any religions. I am not an atheist but an agnostic. Not gonna explain that but do google it yourself. And if I could understand that little of your religion and make more sense than you do, you have a problem. What people do not realize that this debacle had made the religion to lean a little towards IDOLATRY, probably one of the most basic aspect that their religion were against in the beginning. Think about it.

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