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The Path of Design Part 2


Well, once holiday arrived, my lazy genes start to kicks in which explains my lack of motivation to blog. Anyone miss my crap? Nope? Damn….

Let’s start off from where we last left off. I apologize for not properly introducing the title of the previous projects. Sean’s project is to design a gardening product while Chong How’s project is to design a street furniture. Let’s get on with the next entry which also involves street furniture.

1. Ooi Shi Jia

A street furniture should not only serve as a purposeful product. It should serve as part sculpture in order to enhance the aesthetics of an environment. The White Stripe achieved the exact requirement of a successful street furniture. A timeless design of playground-cum-sculpture will captivate the hearts of many with its outstanding form while preserving a touch of simplicity in it. Nonetheless, The White Stripe will definitely strip your breathe away.

Next up, a design project for storage. The project is to design a futuristic storage system for any product.

2. Loh Hwee Yun

Anyone fancy a fancy wine rack design? Since wine are produced by fermentation of grapes and bla bla bla which I conclude its a bunch of chemical reaction doing its thing in producing the finest liquid for consumption. A chemical bonding inspired design wine rack naturally comes in play to complete the whole chemical equation. The wine rack design not only produced aesthetically pleasing outlook, you too can play around with the way it should stand, look and hold.

That’s all for part 2. This is rather a short post compare to my previous posts. For part 3, I will showcase designs from recycled metal products which is also my project. Honestly, I have second thoughts of publishing my design this time because it sucks aesthetically. However, I might reveal them after rounding up several of the good ones. Please comment on their designs, really appreciate it. Hopefully I will update my post as soon as possible although not much ppl will read it anyway.

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  • kenwooi

    the designs are good =Dkenwooi.com

  • conan_cat

    finally you get out of your lazy bumness 😛 and oooo thats a cute gurl 😛 i love the wine rack design!! it's pretty nicely done!

  • Eric Lee

    kenwooi: i represent them to thank yougrey: yeah…i've been hating my own lazy arse hahahacute girl?? don't get your hopes too high hahaha

  • Simpson

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