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The Path of Designs Part 1


Some of you might aware that I’m a design student majoring in Industrial Design in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia despite my awfully lack of photoshopped pictures or own customized blog layout. The reason I’ve been in hiatus for a week is because of rushing my design projects. Now it’s the time where I will proudly present to you the finest works of the final year undergraduates Industrial Designs in UTM. I only blog about those few that I think impressive since there are over 90plus works over there, It’s gonna take more than a few bloody blog page to post them all.

Sean Choo Fook Sin

Being a great mentor to me for several occasions although I still miles behind him, it’s naturally that his works always come out as one of the best.

When humans often seek for the best home with the best interior, we should not be forgetting our fellow mother nature as well. The Vein is an aesthetically designed home for flowers or plants which not only help provide an attractive outlook for them but also helping gardening lovers to ease their work. Worries of getting an aesthetically pot for indoor gardening are no longer an issue with this design and it could not only appeal towards gardening lovers but also people who just appreciate a good decorative piece of accessory.

The functionality of this design I’ll directly quote from one of our senior’s comment on facebook as I’m lazy to explain everything again and he explains them pretty well too.

“u see those rods like thgy thr? they function like shovel to loosen up soil and also to guide the circular thgy (compression springs) which are attached to the white sculpture..
basically, water plays an important role here as weight to bring sculpture down to indicate that the plants has got enough resources (with assumption that the soil has got fixed mass)..
so whn the water level went down, there is reduction in amount of weight whereby the springs unload and the white sculpture moves up, giving indication that it’s time the plant needs to be watered..”-Kinhee (SRI God)

Liau Chong How(not the girl)

He is one of our top students, so it is not surprising that his works are equally impressive. Despite his unnaturally extreme case of “kap siao-ness”, his works display a total opposite of his character.

Perhaps one of the best gifts ever created by God is shelter. The earliest form of shelter came from Mother Nature such as trees, caves, stones and many more. With the urban lives developing fast, more and more high rise buildings were erected with the comparable speed and amount of erections created by Megan Fox. As the town gets more developed, the more pollution and the fewer trees there are in our environment. With a spark of inspiration, this following bus stop was designed. This bus stop design is meant to create awareness among the urbanites regarding the environment. The bus stop is designed with sustainable materials and also a solar panel on its roof to create lighting in the shelter. Let’s just say this is a friendly and cool reminder of the urbanites about the importance of environmental friendliness. Let the cultivation of awareness begins…

I had to put this sketching done by Chong How after seeing how good it is.

Chong How: Want to sketch like me? Read my thesis la….

That’s all for Part 1. Posting too many designs will be unnecessary and there will be more to come in the next few posts. Enjoy. Please leave a comment so that my fellow friends and seniors will be appreciated. Feedbacks regarding the designs are highly recommended as requested by them.

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  • liau chong how'

    aiseh…liau chong how(not the girl) HAHAHAHA LOL!!!!! yea read his thesis..HAHA..nyway..waiting for the upcoming blogs man

  • kapsiao kia

    aisei…Kinhee (SRI God)..i totally agree…his position is irreplaceable…haha

  • hooichie

    Sean's Vein is cool man~~ really impress…about the function of the vein, i quite curious on how its gonna work actually..we nid to watering the plants? About the shelter, the design is very unique. I like the environmental design honestly.hehe..Looking forward to your upcoming post eric..=)

  • conan_cat

    like, wow 😀 i always loved to look at student's work, i think they have the most creativity untainted by the industry's harsh budget standards. you know, malaysians never want to spend money, sigh!hope to see you share more of these works! 😀 how bout showing us your own work as well? 😛

  • Tony Wan

    Wow….. So pro…. I am studying engineering in UM and I love industrial design too 😀

  • Eric Lee

    hooichie: I did post an description on how vein functions and quoted by our very own SRI God Kinhee hahahaGrey Ang: My work kinda sucks actually but I will ost them up also too. we had over 90 students graduating which means over 90 projects to reviewed. so will take it slowly first.. thanks for commentingTony Wan: glad you like them..my seniors will be damn happy haha

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