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The Right Thing To Do


Humans are often bombarded with questions on deciding which is the right thing to do. We need to make choices for a lot of things no matter we like it or not. Sometimes, I really do wonder are my actions correct and am I really suppose to do that. Am I suppose to wear like that? Am I suppose to exercise to get fit back or to sleep and regain my energy? Should I watch Western Porn or Japanese Porn?

There is this incident that happens to me recently. I was inside the lift in my hostel and suddenly an injured guy asked me to hold the button for him. He had broken his leg from what I observe and since he’s on crutches, I guess the most reasonable thing to do is hold the lift button and wait for him. What I didn’t notice is that he is holding a lit cigarette in one of his hand. I noticed that only when the lift door is closing up. Here’s the problem. Although I had nothing against smokers or discriminate them but I absolutely fucking pissed if that guy don’t even know the proper ethics to put it off before entering the elevator. I had this really sensitive nose that itches and wanted to sneeze every time some strong smelling stuff such is cigarettes, heavy perfume etc. That’s the reason why I don’t smoke besides being very kiasi and do not want to risk dying early.

When this occurs, should I let that guy in and continue to suffer and being tortured mentally and physically? Or should I be gracious and hold out the door to the one in needs? Why should I be considerate towards someone who is not even considerate towards others? Why should I suffer when I help those in need? So which exactly is the right thing to do?

Is It OK to be Selfish?

So we can’t exactly blame people especially Malaysians to be selfish because since everyone is being selfish, then why not us? I often ponder what is the significance of doing the “right” thing ill brings us to. Self satisfaction? How can you be satisfied with yourself when you end up getting the worst side of the situation. I often end up in the worst side of the situation when I did the “right” thing. Most of the times are just downright hilarious and I can’t do anything but to laugh at myself. So that’s why I end up being selfish at times although even when I’m not, none of you guys can see it.

A normal human nature to remember all the shits that you had done but remember none of the good ones you had done throughout your life. That’s why many painters and poets only become famous when they die just like Tom Keats. To me, a certain degree of selfishness is necessary to protect yourself from being abused. Sometimes, the only right and most sensible things to do is to remain selfish so that you will be fair towards others and also to yourself.

Ethics and Rational Reasoning
These two certainly conflicted against each other and people who said that those without good ethics often did things without rational reasoning first. They got everything half correct only because what seems to be the most ethical way, sometimes are just not the right thing to do. For example, it is ethical to give money to your siblings in need but it is not the right thing to do when they waste theirs on unnecessary things such as materialistic satisfaction? Sorry to someone who I took this as an example as I am not only referring to you. I’ve been there and done that.

Being selfish is not ethical in some ways but it is sometimes the most rational reasoning you ever concluded to. I’m not encouraging people to be selfish but I’m just telling that people should be aware that we need to be selective towards who we are being nice to. Another example of this is the donation scam and this that I talk about previously in my blog? We sometimes just too absorbed in being nice that we overlook the fact that we are actually being used and abused. Ok see if anyone reads till here (learn from Donna XD), type “birdhead” in the comment box.

In a related event, is it ok to help your girlfriend or boyfriend to do their work while all they did was to act pitiful an come out with the dumbest excuse in the world which is “I don’t know”. Of course, most people will jump to it and says that “It’s ok what I help him/her. They don’t know ma.” or “It is my responsibility to help him/her because I’m the bf/gf”. What these guys don’t get it is this.

There’s a fine line between helping and spoiling them. Help them by teaching them not doing it for them. Could you help them to eat everything if they do not know how to use the chopsticks? Or you would teach them how to use it or get a bloody fork and spoon for them? Either way, that is helping them to finish the task themselves. Unless someone would wanna argue they will opt to feed them then I’ll see who gonna hand feed them if you two break up.

Am I Wrong?
When I was in Taiwan with my family, I was sitting the MRT back to the hotel. And then I saw this woman, about the age of 40 plus let her mother who is about the age of 60+ to sit on a seat. Seeing how filial is her and how tired she looks, I offer my seat to her. To make this clear, everyone else who is standing in front of me are about my age and so do some who are just sitting there without helping. For a moment I felt good as I did help someone in need and she can’t stop thanking me.

However, later I saw an old lady about the age of 60+ giving me dirty looks because she was standing and no one offer her a seat. And this is not an coincidence. I saw she kept glaring at me for a good minute there. May be I’m a bit sensitive and misunderstood her but this is just plain awkward. Forgive me that you stand about 1 meter behind my back as you can see, I have no eyes at the back of my head.

That’s all for today, however I wanna ask is there anyone out there who had a specific thing for me to blog about…hmmm….just curious…LOL signing off

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