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Fan Girls Story: The WTF Moment


If you are my personal friend or have been following my twitter, you will know what I am basically talking about right now. Over the days, I had seen many things. I am glad to be able to see those things although a little faith of humanity within me vanished just like that. But do enjoy what I am about to share. All these are based on personal experience.

Make up. I now officially crowned it to be the God of Deception. And Fandom will be the God of Make Up. And you know what is scarier than a rampaging buffaloes? A rampaging bunch of Fangirls. The scene is total madness. You will not be able to comprehend the logic behind it. Especially when you are a straight male. Heck, I even saw some guys did the same and I can’t really believe they are straight to begin with. I mean, what sort of guys will push girls aside and dash towards the stage? Other than an obedient boyfriend that was being instructed to do so. If that’s the case, I am guessing someone is getting laid that night. But probably the partner will be having the artists’ image in her head rather than himself. Poor thing.

So have you came across a bunch of rampaging girls in Fandom mode? Or are you one of them?


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  • Bulats

    I been once to a lee hom one to accompany a fren. I admit he's lengjai but his fans all Damn scary T-T hahaha other than the usual pushing n screaming, i saw some bf even let their gfrens step on their feet so that they would be a wee bit taller to see the stage (not taking into the account some to piggy back their gf fr height) and Caroline so cuteeeee! Hahahahaha the last box.

  • J_Fish

    What's sadder is when that guy pushes through the crowd under the girlfriend's orders but still didn't get any I guess.
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  • Merryn

    I'm just too old to understand Fandom as I'm way over the "doms" stages.. Fandom, condoms..

  • TheJessicat

    If Im a fan of someone/something. He/she will ALWAYS look good to me hahahaha.
    Yeah epic fandom 🙂

  • Tony Teh

    Yeah man that's why it's frustrating to me. What's worse is to see guys liking these manufactured useless artists as much as the girls. I saw the photos some of you posted… the chicks… are not as hot as they are in studio photos or MVs. Furthermore, they had plastic surgery and yet it's not perfect. It's annoying that they're making millions out of just pure marketing.
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  • bluedreamer

    haha well now that reminds me of those internet memes transforming a simple woman to a gorgeous model-looking awesomeness creature ever created LOL

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