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The Year 2012


Hi guys, the year 2012 had been a very awesome year. There are a lot of things that I had accomplished this year that I did. So for this new year post, I will do a bit of a reflection and also I will provide you guys a wallpaper to download! Yes! Ericleeh.com very first wallpaper! I know I didn’t have much fans or followers to begin with. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure whether anyone would actually download or use the wallpaper that I designed. But have a look anyway.

Cute Minimalist Wallpaper 2013 download

Tadah! A typical Ericleeh.com humor inspired wallpaper for the brand new year! What do you think of it?

If you want a different resolution for the wallpaper. Here’s the alternative!

800 X 600
1024 X 768
1280 X 800
1920 X 1080

Let me reflect on several things for the year 2012.

Firstly, my biggest achievement for the year 2012, is to be blogging actively and consistently. I know my blog previously was pretty much low at consistency and that actually hampers my progress. I have a lot of things on my hand, well, it didn’t change anyway but I decided to push myself to draw anyway to keep this blog consistent. Initially, I thought I could last may be for two months maximum. But surprisingly, I exceeded my own expectations and had already used to the work. This is a big achievement for me considering that I actually lack patience in a lot of things.

Secondly, I managed to keep up with my jogging routine. There are times where I skipped jogging but in the end, I pull through and still jogged every now and then. Despite the times where aunties and uncles had jogged pass me, I persevere in hoping to one day, I will jogged pass them and say “HOPE THIS DESTROY YOUR MORALE!”. Or just let a fart go in front of them. That’s for trying to make me feel insecure!

Third, been through a hellish week of detox dieting. I did come out much fresher that week despite all the hunger and meat cravings. I think I will definitely do this again some time.

Fourth, met lots of new people. Found out the true nature of some but doesn’t really gives a shit. I have better things to give a shit about. Like trying to see how long can I stay without blinking. Among the new people that I had met such as Ms. Bulat and her boyfriend (surprisingly is my colleague’s brother as well), Ras Koh, Miss Miyen, the dynamic duo of Wai Kit and Dan Khoo from Bolehland, Chong Chee Ching (hahahaha) from Cheechingy.com (actually I am a bit surprised that we only met on 2012 February) and also her friend Sue Ling, Kendrick, Kim Hang from PekChekKia, Pauline from the too-long-to-remember-correctly-blog , Tun Jie from the crazy Bacon Asylum and obviously one of the most awesome Malaysian on Earth, Cheeming Boey (met him at his book fair in Sunway). This would not be possible without Jian and Ernest obviously. I am still looking forward to meed the ever famous Eggyolks one day. Didn’t manage to chat with the guy behind World of Cos though. For those I left out, I am sorry because the list would be too long to be written down. But I am still glad to meet you guys. There is no such thing as a bad encounter.

Fifth, wins a lot of stuff through blogging. It has been a good year or like some of you guys will say, “lucky”. Let me count my blessings. A Galaxy Note, a LG Optimus 3D, trip to Pangkor Laut, cash every now and then, a digital camera and a pair of tickets to Legoland. Not sure if I had missed out anything though. Not meant to brag.

And finally did lots of collaboration with my fellow comic bloggers. It had been intense few months with artwork for so many comic bloggers starting from Ernest to finally Jian. Never have I thought of one day doing a fan art may be? I will upload some of the work on my Facebook Page so be sure to check out my page. Well, that if you actually truly like what I am doing.

Thanks to everyone who had been reading my blog so far. Every one of you guys matters. It has been a great 2012, and I am looking at 2013 to be much more massive! So Happy New Year everyone! I love you guys!

So, how’s 2012 had been for you? What is your biggest achievement? Or may be disappointment depending on what you would like to share.

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