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Toilet Incident


After reading Ernest’s post on worst things to find in a toilet, it reminded me of this particular incident happened to my friend in a public toilet in Penang. So before you continue reading this toilet comic, read my WARNING.

The following content might be disgusting and disturbing to certain parties and there will be a lot of strong language. Not for the faint hearted and definitely for those over-18.

This happens in not a very known shopping mall in Penang if I’m not mistaken. It happened many years back while I’m still in high school. And it didn’t happened to me but it happened to my friend.


I guess sometimes when you look at some accidentally and that someone looks at you, you two would just smile and nod as an acknowledgement right? Nothing personal or that but it’s kinda a common practise. Strangers doesn’t mean you had to bitch stare that person till death.

The toilet is filled with disgusting stains and puddle of water. It stank and it seems that there isn’t much cleaning done by the management of the shopping mall.

Not to mention that the toilets are mostly decorated with “submarines” or should I be more direct and call it poop. Yeah. Shits everywhere in the toilet.

Translation: *Do you want a lollipop?*

In case you guys don’t know, there are holes everywhere on the partition and yes the lollipop doesn’t refers to the real candy lollipop. It’s a dick. A full blown erected dick giving a standing ovation through the hole as if I’m singing the national anthem but yeah, it’s a dick. A man’s dick.

I don’t think any straight guy would be able to hold a straight face at this. My friend was horrified, disgusted and baffled. Yes, this is a gloryhole. A gloryhole means a hole where some guys place their “lollipops” in and then hoped the stranger will…well…play with it. It is as disgusting as it is especially when being offered to a straight guy. So what is my friend’s reaction to this whole fiasco?

Translation: *Profanities. Do you want to die? Wait over there and I will come over and slap you! I’m making a police report about this*

YeTranslation: *Why do you run? Come over here and let’s meet the police officers. I will ask them to chop off your lollipop. Profanities*

Yeap, he scolded profanities and challenged the guy to stay there so he would beat the shit out of him. Don’t imagine my friend is me as he is twice my size, so you roughly know how big is he. Apparently, he heard the guy trying to run away, I didn’t know why, he wanted to rush out without properly wearing his pants as he is itching to beat the shit out of this guy. When the guy ran out of the toilet, he only realized he is almost half naked, so he proceed back to finish his business quickly and left. This Indian guy was actually waiting outside the toilet for potential “partners” to service him and we concluded that the initial nod and smile kinda meant he’s up for it. My friend is now forever traumatized by dirty public toilets and he would make sure the toilets he went had no holes on the partitions, doors or walls.

Yeap, probably the WORST thing any straight guy could find in a public toilet. And yes, I can predict what my incoming searches will be in the future


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Now, proceed to the toilet to barf.

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