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Tribute to All Asian Poser And Camwhores


I saw this video posted by SY in his facebook and I think the video is worth sharing among people especially camwhores and posers. I think this was specially made for fun and also it is a great production.

While waiting for the mockumentary video to load finish, these are the few screenshots from the video.

First of all, why the fuck would some very very chinese looking dude came with such a Mexican or Spanish sounding name Dr. Julio Gonzalez. This point had got me highly interested in the works of Wong Fu Production.

Presenting the Cute Girls Indicator(CGI) which is a team specially made to analyze new poses. I seriously think they add the nerd looking guy to make the other 4 girls much cuter. When Dr. Julio mentioned “Oh, we got cute guys too”, I think he meant “Oh, we got gay-looking-weird-batang-homosapiens-to-make-the-girls-more-cute too.”

The PPA-M GLFP (PPA-Medium Gay Like Fuck Pose)

See what I mean? The guy is just being placed as a joke in the video at times but thanks to him, the video seriously got me laughing my ass off while drooling over those cute girls. I seriously salute him for the bravery unless he really does pose like that then I’m speechless. For those who do not know what PPA-M means, watch the video and you will know. I encountered many posers and I think I’m one too occasionally, I should make a parody of this via pictures.

Wonder if anyone understand the joke behind this picture.

First off, introducing the LAI crew which stands for Lame Ass Indicator. From me clockwise would be Sean, Heng, Soon and Jasmine. Oh yeah, just like the video, we have a cute girl a.k.a the-cutie-which-makes-the-rest-of-the-assholes-looks-even-more-like-crap girl. You see, it’s necessary to have an element like that in order to make the rest of us outstand.

PPA-CU SP (Slapped Pervert)

Considering the high molestation and rape cases in Malaysia, I think it is better for all the guys to get a picture with this pose taken. Why? The victim can easily recognized these people even if they got away and poster like these should be made.

PPA-CU MFS (Middle Finger Salute)

I truly do not understand how did the mockumentary could missed out the middle finger salute which could be one of the most used pose besides the V sign. This is my most used pose in camwhoring be it in group or solo. *Gentlemen….. SALUTE* Flashes middle finger and yelled F-U

PPA-M PE(Photoshop Enchanced)

Nowadays, a pose considered incomplete without editting with Adobe Photoshop either by adding a background, removing the pimples, removing black eyes, enchancing breast, ass or dick, etc. If the girl is cute, poses cutely, adding background to enhance it is good in order to lure perverted uncles to eventually play facebook.

PPA-M BGP (Ball Grabbing Pose)

From the ‘V’ sign, evolution had taken place and soon posing with props to send certain message. What do the above picture means? It means this is how I grab boobs with a do-you-like-it face. And the pose can mean, I can handle BIG coz I like it BIG.

PPA-W CM(Cocky Musician)

It doesn’t matter whether you can play the guitar or not. Having a guitar and pose like a cocky bastard will tends to get attention either from the females or pissed off buggers that will kick you in the balls. This picture shows that even a lame ass guy can look quite ok as long as you are holding something make which makes you look smaller.

PPA-M SIITH(Stick It Into The Hole)

What proves to be more dramatic than the middle finger salute if not by having a corresponding gesture to it. A stick and a hole is an upgrade from the middle finger salute that can be done by 2 person. Doing it solo means you fuck yourself, or having too many sticks or hioles doesn’t sound right. Ignore how gay the two of us looks because I could not find any female willing to pose like that with me. I hope this doesn’t further disgust the girls.

PPA-W FPCJ (Fat People Can Jump)

What other better ways to pose than posing in a manner that no one will expect you to pose or even expect you to be able to do it?

PPA-M FPCF (Fat People Can Fly)

Soon: I believe I can fly~~I believe I can touch the sky~~I don’t care or mind how gay I looks~~spread my arms and bombs away~~

PPA-M SF(Shitting Face)

Enough with all the cute poses and faces. The IN thing is making the faces you make while shitting in the toilet. The expression projects out more feelings and is a face that everyone will made while baking chocolate cake.

PPA-M ECWNSCF (Enhancing Cuteness With Not-So-Cute Face)

It’s been a well known fact that in order to look good, you got to hang out with people who aren’t. What makes you think that the good looking chicks will hang around with bad looking chicks. the world is plastic and people are killing the world by this trick. Humans are the best props available. Guys don’t really pick the look of their mates because most of us are shits anyway and even bad looking bastards can got smoking hot sexy chicks. This phenomena can be observed a lot in Kuala Lumpur.

PPA-W SIL (Suck it, Losers)

1. Sean: The fuck face with crossed hands which is to tell losers that they can’t touch him
2. Soon: Very bloody cocky face facing upwards to tell them that he is the best
3. Heng: A big Prop over the privates which means “My dick and balls are bigger than yours, so just beat it.”
4. Me: Have you ladies seen anything this FINE before? Never mind the 3 losers beside me

PPA-M FOAAP(Face Of An Actual Pervert)

How to look and pose like a real pervert? Have a cute girl blindfolded to enhance your pervertisme while opening your eyes and mouth wide wide like a bloody maniac. *Somebody call 911, there’s a sick bastard in UTM*

PPA-M FGPP (Fucking Geli Pondan Pose)

I could not think of a better picture to end this post and also to redeem all the bad deeds I’ve done. This is the one picture than can make the 3 of the guys to forgive me and prevent myself from getting run over by a Toyota Fortuner, a motorcycle, being kicked in the balls by a girl or actually being “fendomized” by Ah Hee’s pupil. This pose was to show you that if you wanna show fucked up pose of others, get one of yourself out in order to prevent misfortune.

I never purposely took any pic for this post(including the last pic) because it would then be very unnatural and the fun is all gone. That’s all from me this time,. Please click on my ads or leave a comemnt before leaving. I hope I do not get my virgin ass targetted by any unneccesary humans or being labelled as a sicko by girls. I’m the greatest guy there is so please do not let my market value drop.

P.S: If I eventually still get run over by a Toyota Fortuner, a red motorcycle with AEH on the number plate, kicked in the balls by a girl or fendomized the “Ah Hee’s Style”…I hope any faithful readers to report this matter to the police and show them this post. The culprits are all here.

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  • kenny

    HAHAHA…WTF!!1st time u so gay and geli lor inside a photo.still got duck sign,Loser sign ahh..hahahaget run over by a bas kilang la,then workers pose on ur shitty cute face..haha

  • Eric Lee

    what duck sign? what talking u oor? people see u then press u down and shit on ur noob fuck face la…haha

  • kenwooi

    haha.. the vid is totally informative and cool! =Dkenwooi.com

  • Eric Lee

    thanks for dropping by…i love the video too..thank the bast**d that comment first in this post

  • Sandy Gan

    HAHA!! I like ur pondan pose & ur frns pervert pose!! btw, u missed my birthday.. 13/09/89.. haha.. fatsre come wish me, haha.. btw, i read ur older post cz i find ur blog interstin.. reli.. me likey..

  • Eric Lee

    thanks…think only me and that fren of mine dare to pose outrageously and wouldn't mind it being leaked to public…haha the pondan pose came because there was a play which the guy played as a girl and uses that wig…haha i saw the wig they use is damn funny when i was practicing my dance performance..so just try and act like that for awhile haha

  • ~Elaine Tam~

    Hahahahhah!!Eh i think those pose looks yao yeng eh!! especially the middle finger one~ uhuhuhuh~

  • Eric Lee

    haha thanks…hidung kembang few inches already..haha

  • SeanPERMan

    where the heck u got the "gay" hair? its really damn gay of u to look gay in the pic..damn..wiv make ups? HAHAHA

  • Eric Lee

    fuck man..i left out a gay pose of u also….hahahaha if i neva humiliate myself a bit…i think u will fendom me "Hee's Style"…should blog on the this actually..no make up la k? i was dancing that time…got make up then gg lo…hahaha

  • hee

    lolz.. i din create femdom!! someone else did.. by the way, i wonder how u look like in g-string and mini skirt..

  • Eric Lee

    hahaha i know u didn't create fendom but u had ur own style of doing it…haha g-string? with my nice ass, i might look good…but please dun be gay or i might stuff putty up ur ass… =.=

  • Sandy Gan

    btw, thnx4ur b'day wishes.. bt do i reli look tht old2u?? haiz.. i look like aunty.. many oso say lidat de..

  • chris@dotagaki

    haha, whos d "leng lui" in the last pic? Got her phone number? 😛

  • Eric Lee

    just so you know…the "leng lui" happens to be a lesbian and only interested in girls hahaha

  • Anonymous

    maybe he was filipino Dr.Julio Gonzalez i mean..most filipinos have hispanic like names….

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