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Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant Dataran Mentari Sunway


Steamboats are quite nostalgic to me actually. It reminds me of my uni days as me and my coursemates will frequently held steamboat party or outing whenever we felt like it. And yes, since I had a rice cooker with me back then, it was used more often as a steamboat pot more than anything else. Yes. I was the chef de cuisine specializing in doing steamboats and maggie mee.







Or so I thought. I bet most people would think that handling a steamboat restaurant will be damn right easy as the customers would handle most of the cooking. But then again, it is not as simple as what most people think. As many would have known, Dataran Mentari in Bandar Sunway is practically flooded with steamboat restaurants.. There are so many of them, that you can walk into one of them blindfolded. Let me introduce to everyone one of these crowd of steamboat buffet restaurant which is Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant.

I like the signboard design of this restaurant

This picture do not do much justice to their cooked food. The cooked food ran out very fast even thought they kept refilling it. They taste not bad especially the fried rice. I like their fried rice and it is slightly above average. Some of the other food are just slightly average but enough to keep those hungry ones occupy while waiting for the pot to be ready.

Wide variety of noodles to choose from

Frankly, I was surprised by the types of seafood that are available here. There are so many variety of seafood that are available and this makes each and everyone of us are spoilt for choice. As the supply run down very quickly, they also will always refill the empty trays immediately. This makes me wonder how big a refrigerator do they have in order to store all these sort of seafood. If you like seafood for your steamboat, I would suggest you pay a visit over here and you will not be dissappointed.

There are ample amount of finger food and snack provided as well. A good move I must say as there are not many steamboat restaurant that would be bothered to provide a wide variety of finger food to keep their customer satisfy.

Fish Head and Herbal Soup

Pepper and Tomyam Soup

There are 6 types of soup base that Umami offers but I managed to tried 4 types only. My favorite soup base for that day would be the fragrant and flavorful Herbal soup base. Their signature and most popular soup base is actually the pepper soup which happens to be my second favorite. I would prefer the Herbal soup base because it flavorful soup can enhance the taste of each ingredient cooked with it. As for the pepper soup, even though I like its spiciness and I love spicy stuff, I think the pepper taste a litte bit too strong. It makes any food cooked with it contains a very strong pepper taste and cover up the flavor of the ingredient. Ironically, I drank several bowl of this soup and more than other soup base. This is because I like the flavorful and pepperish soup base on its own. The fish head soup and tom yam soup is quite good though. The tom yam soup base provided enough kick in its flavor and the fish head soup was the star of the night. My group of friends practically finished the soup on the first go.

Lamb Shabu-Shabi

Chicken Wing

This chicken wing is very very delicious as well. The outer skin and meat are deep fried to create a very crispy and aromatic texture. It will definitely seduce you to take a bite at it. All this while maintaining the soft and tender chicken meat within. Definitely very good.

As you can see, the portion of out seafood is actually quite huge in size. This generosity is definitely a plus for visiting this restaurant.

 Besides that, there are food being grilled and BBQ-ed outside the restaurant. Food such as BBQ crabs, BBQ fish, satay and BBQ chicken wings are all available for your consumption.

Last but not least, are the ice cream provided here. To me, a steamboat buffet restaurant is not complete without any ice cream. After hours of sweating and eating hot stuff, it is very refreshing to have some ice cream to cool down. In this picture, there  are 8 different kinds of ice cream. I said “in this picture” is because once a tub finished, they will refill it with a different type of ice cream. It’s no wonder why all the kids in that restaurant would often camp and wander around the ice cream area.

Basically, Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant is a very good restaurant for a family meal. This is because they have wide variety of food that can cater to suit anyone and most importantly, the environment is very clean. The seatings and spacings are quite comfortable enough unlike most steamboat restaurant that would not care about your comfort much. It’s definitely a visit worthy and the soup base they provided goes very well with the ingredients of your choice.

With only RM 26.80++ for all the foods, it is definitely a steal! You may walk in or call for reservation if you do not want to end up with disappointment if there is no table available upon your arrival.
Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant
Price : RM 26.80++ (Adult) , RM 13.40++ (Child <130cm)
Contact No : 03 – 56222663
GPS Coordinate : N03° 06.33.5′ E101° 35.40.2′
Business Hours : Mon – Fri ( 11am – 12am ) & Sat – Sun ( 5pm – 12am )

Twitter : Umami_My

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