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Unwiped Ass Fetish????


It makes me happy whenever people comes visit my blog to read my craps. Getting people to comment over my posts is more than happy, it makes me proud. Getting strangers to comment and read my blog….truly fantastic. One of my best friends Wai Ken often reminded me how posts with many words usually drives people away from my blog. I too agree to his statement but I do know that there will be a lot of people who is just like me who like to read long posts as well.

However, there is this particular thing that makes me dumbfounded and speechless. I do not know whether to laugh my ass off, scream in disgust or close down my blog indefinitely. I was looking through FEEDJIT tracks for people who visits my blog. Basically, I wanted to know what type of people usually come across my blog and I discover THIS….

Look carefully at the second line..

A clearer view

Why the fuck my blog will come out in search result for UNWIPED ASS FETISH?? Why would someone in the right mind to categorized my post under fetish porn site and of all fetish, UNWIPED ASS!!! This RM1 story seriously need some reviewing for I do not remember typing the word “UNWIPED”, “ASS”, and “FETISH” linked together….I am not surprised if people found my blog by searching for shits-cleaning-aunty-fetish but not unwiped ass. For those who might somehow be blurring, unwiped ass fetish meant that people who get turn on by looking at ass with shits on it.

These people lived in the world where toilet papers are taboo and smelly ass is the ‘IN’ thing.

Nice to know people that surfs porn eventually end up in my blog….I do not know whether to be happy or to knock my head to the wall..May be I should blog about shit-eating-fetish, should I?
There is such porn available over the internet AND DON’T ASK HOW I KNOW ABOUT IT? I DO NOT HAVE THAT FETISH……

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  • jacqueline

    hi Eric, It's really funny reading your blog. I kinda like it for the first time, well,for now.=) yeah, ur blog is kinda wordy and long but that's how u express urself so just ignore what others think. Btw, i saw ur link from Eric Hoi not from that "unwiped Ass fetish" link..LOL.Have a nice day and hope u dun mind about my comments here…=D

  • Aidi-Safuan

    hahaha..i feel sorry for u!chill~

  • Eric Lee

    jacqueline: I do mind ur comments as I love to listen to what people say whether is good or bad. Good comment is confidence building while bad comments pumped me up for some arguements..hahaAidi-Safuan: haha nothing to feel sorry about…feel sorry for those sickos…they hoping to find unwiped ass fetish porn here but end up getting cock blocked by me…they must be cursing me like shits now haha

  • jacqueline

    I see. Pardon me for being blunt, I dun really mind whether u mind me saying anything or not… Cuz that's what i wanna let you know and it's just a courtesy to say "hope you dun mind"….=) and i totally agree with you about the confidence building thingy and that makes gives me an impression of you being a more positive thinking person. Have a nice weekend.

  • Eric Lee

    jacqueline: eh?? SWT….I typed wrongly because I meant to say I don't mind not I do mind….positive thinking? I prefer to have a twisted thinking hahaha

  • DMC

    WTF??? there's such a fetish?? i gotta update myself…. =.='''

  • Namiedagreat

    haha..ur post made my day..LOL..UNWIPED ASS FETISH…LOL

  • Eric Lee

    DMC: er…update yourself? why would u need to know such fetishes? hm….Namiedagreat: great to know my post is appreciated..thanks

  • Sandy Gan

    maybe they got misunderstan & think u blog dirty post due to thee rm1 story & ur survey borad.. haha.. sry4late reply cz bz lately..

  • Sandy Gan

    hey eric, thanks for linking my blog!! i juz realized it when i was reading all ur older post!! btw, i cant donat u my height bt i reli love2donate u my weights!!haha..

  • Eric Lee

    Sandy Gan: thanks for your weight…but i got enough to last me for 100 years… XD

  • DJ Isaac Z

    Kantoi! By writing 'porn' in your blog, it'll be probably linked to all those porn sites. A more careful blogger will use the term 'pron' instead of porn. Happy proning.

  • Eric Lee

    yeah…i overlook that point…i am having a lot of people coming here by searching fetish porn

  • Anonymous

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