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It’s been awhile since I had some good halal food. Not to say that I have anything against halal food but just that there are so many that did not meet up to mu liking. I wonder if it just me or the halal ffood around especially mamaks, their standards took a deep dive. There used to be so many cheap but extremely good halal foods around as opposed to today’s expensive but bad halal food. Nevertheless, I was here, The Food Tree Restaurant to try out some of their halal dishes. Some of it are prepared specially for the Ramadhan period.

The Food Tree @ OWG, Glenmarie Shah Alam
The Food Tree, owned by the renowned Only World Group (OWG), situated in Glenmarie , Shah Alam. They offer a large variety of food ranging from dim sum to western food. They have lots of chinese food, malay food, indian food and many more on their menu. The best thing about them is that the food are all halal.
The Food Tree
The Ambiance
Food Presentation
Kerabu Pucuk-Paku
Kerabu Kacang Botol
Kerabu Taugeh & Kerang
If you ask me about their Kerabu dishes, I can say that I like them. The taste is excellent and it’s actually quite rare to find kerabu dishes at this standard in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. The best I had so far is from Kelantan but these dishes are above average to me. Especially love the Kerabu Pucuk Paku.
Nasi Bryani
Nasi Briyani is something that will not be missed out being one of the Ramadhan delight and it tasted as great as how it looks too! The entire briyani rice accompanied by eggs and top sprinkled with fried shallots that made it fragrant and taste good. It is totally perfect to go with any dishes you going to have for your dinner.
Ayam Tandoori
Ayam Tandoori, though it was tad too dry to my liking, overall the taste was good and good to go with my plate of briyani rice. Perhaps, it was kinda cold when it was served to us that caused the dryness on the chicken meat.
Ikan Bakar
Oh! There’s Ikan Bakar includes in the menu for the Ramadhan buffet too! They were perfectly grilled and dip it with your favorite sauces, you just going to love it.
Ayam Percik
Ayam Percik being one of my favorite Malay cuisines totally caught me in love with this! I love the tenderness of it and it was so delicious with the gravy on it. Oh-so-yum!
Siput Sedut Masak Cili Api
Another famous dish for the Ramadhan buffet would be the Siput Sedut Masak Cili Api. Judging by its look, nothing that attract yours truly to give a try on it till when the rest started to complimenting how tasty are those lil snails! Without any hesitation, I grabbed one and tried to suck it as hard as I could and I failed. The only taste I have gotten from it was the fiery hot chili taste and oh! Just so you know that, the art of eating it is by sucking it. I managed to tried it after few attempts of sucking it and yes, it was so tasty and seriously can be really addictive in a way.
Mutton Rogan Josh
The Mutton Rogan Josh, also known as lamb curry in the list too! It looked too spicy for me, but eating it with briyani rice will be different case. I love the tenderness and though it was kinda spicy to my liking, I still enjoy eating it.
Singapore Chili Crab
Another crowd’s favorite for the night was the Singapore Chili Crab! No, it is not all the way came from Singapore. You would be very surprised with how meaty the crab is, every part of it were so meaty that it’s totally worth it! Needless to mention how the gravy complimented it well. Obviously, I could not help myself to have second serving of this!
Sup Tulang
I never a fan of Sup Tulang and I seems to like this actually. It was so flavorful and it’s so good to have it when it is served piping hot. Apart from all the dishes, there’s various choices for the dessert too!
Bubur Cha Cha
Avocado with Kataifi
Shrimp Dumpling with Crab Roe
Shanghai Mooncake
Something simple and decent for dessert, you could simply go for the Bubur Cha ChaAvacado with Kataifi or Shanghai Mooncake. It was my first time to try the Avacado with Kataifi, it’s kinda weird yet unique combination to me, the avocado paste totally wiped out my mind about the weirdness with it sweetness. You just can’t blame me for having sweet tooth!
Shanghai Double Boiled Soup Dumplings
There were also Shanghai Double Boiled Soup Dumpling which also known as Xiao Long Bao in Chinese cuisine. It is specially made for the Muslims, it is pork-free! Now, if you’re wondering there will be lack in taste without the taste of pork, you would be quite surprised and amazed with how juicy and delicious they can be! The taste doesn’t have any much different and this is totally great for those Muslim friend who being finding the halal xiao long bao in town!
Snow Skin Mooncakes
Other than that, we were served with three different flavors of Snow Skin Mooncakes that specially made by Chef Chee. We were lucky enough to have had a session of The Making Of Snow Skin Mooncake by Chef Chee at that time too. Here the video recorded by Ken on that night for that session.
Durian Pancake
Durian Pancake
Last but not least, we also get to try their famous Durian Pancake! Each of these fluffy durian pancakes are made of the high quality D24 durian for the fillings. Trust me, it’s really hard to resist such sinfully delicious dessert and all of us just wish to have more and more for the night! Too bad that it is not included in the Ramadhan buffet as you need to get it ala carte with additional charges.
Ais Kacang
Mango Ice
Coconut Milk Shake
Honey Cucumber
Jumbo Herbs
As for the drinks, there were also a range of Ais Kacang series and refreshing beverages that would be suitable for your liking. I personally enjoyed the Honey Cucumber for its refreshing taste and such healthy drink that I would not mind to have more. Jumbo Herbs was quite adventurous to my liking, with all sort of herbs and quite soothing to the throat.Adult – RM78.90 NETT
Child & Senior Citizen – RM39.45 NETT
**Child (5-12yrs old) and Senior Citizen (above 60yrs old)
The Ramadhan Buffet will be starting from 23rd July till 17th August that will have a few stalls being station outside the buffet area and not only that, you will get to enjoy some street shopping too as they are pairing it with a mini market stalls just beside it.
The Food Tree @ OWG
No 10, Jalan Pelukis U1/46, Seksyen U1,
Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel No:  +6 03-5566 8000 /  +6 03-5566 8079 /  +6 017-289 0566
Business Hours: 8.30am – 6pm (Daily)

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