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VERSATILE, Not My Style La


I never really consider myself as a versatile person. Am I? I cannot go both ways you know. I mean I always fancy playing and messing with “cats” and not some mushroom-headed-sti….er…. Never mind. Forget it. Anyway, first and foremost, I have to(reluctantly) THANK Caroline a.k.a. Cabbit a.k.a babi kacukan tikus according to Merryn for giving me this award. Good, at least i have something to blog about.

So there are a list of rules I have to follow and I doubt I could follow them correctly. I’m sort of a rebel anyway. These are the rules.

1. List 7 random things about myself
2. Share the award with 15 other bloggers (confirm dun have)
3. Link and let those bloggers know (doubt I’ll do that)
4. Thank and send back the love to the blogger who awarded me this by linking her back.

So let’s start of with the 7 random things about myself.
1. Ever since a cat shit in front of my door and let me step on it, I have the urge to kick any cat I saw as far as I could just for the sake of it.

2. I apparently always give bad first impression to whoever who saw me even before I could move, eat, shit, think or basically doing nothing at all.

3. Being called “Porn Supplier” back in my uni although there are only 2 friends who kept coming over to my room to steal them. Even notorious in 2 faculties for it and even people who didn’t know me, know my name but too ignorant to find out the truth.

4. Often being mistook as the younger brother especially standing next to my brother who is twice my size.

5. Always amazed by the fact that a 21 years old girl can be so ignorant and clueless about “general knowledge”. Even my friend’s younger sister know what is a 3some and a BJ (NOT MENTIONING NAMES).

6. Have a huge crush on Rozz from 987 FM. I love her personality.

7. Even my best friends don’t believe I never smoke before.

8. Have a dad who used to steal my porn. Now he downloads, my turn to steal from him.

9. The only reason I’m alive is because it is illegal to kill.

10. Purposely write 10 random facts because wanted to break the rule. I swear I did it with a gun pointed at my head. (Ok I lied)

Now to tag 15 bloggers. Actually this is the most problematic rules of all for me. Simply for a reason than I don’t have even up to 15 blogger friends. So i just list out several blogs that never been mentioned before by other bloggers and hopefully they will appreciate it.

These chicks prove that girls are not only about good looks but also brains as well. I simply love their witty and bitchy(in a good way) attitude. I also love the fact that they are very outspoken. Probably a bit like my blog as well, we tend to see things differently and are not afraid to voice out our opinion.

1. Lil Miss Confession (probably the first female blog I follow and still love reading her post. Hope she post more often)

2. Miss Hanz (don’t let her cute looks fool you. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover)

3. Cleffairy (probably one of the most fiery bloggers around and also my big sister in blogosphere of course. LOL)

4. Ms Chor Lor (ok she’s a transgender so what? She’s one hell of a blogger and story teller. Recommend reading her Story of A Transgender)

5. Jennifer Chai (I like the fact that she’s very open to hamsap stuff. Caroline must learn more from her)

6. Spicy Mother (although it’s only a gossip and entertainment blog, I like it when she write in her own opinion as well in all those posts

Now, for the very entertaining blogs. Some of these are famous and I think they don’t give a nut if I blog about them.

7. Donna (always give me a good laugh with her very original posts)

8. Kelvin (this is exactly where you should stop by if you are feeling stressed out. My fellow LESBIAN worshipper. LMAO)

9. Garfield WTF (tech blog with a whole lots of rants that will sizzle your read)

10. Grey Ang (dude, where the hell have you been missing? His blog is similar to mine and only with a lot less vulgarities, nicer lay-out and definitely some kick ass life lessons)

11. Butterfly (he’s quite a famous blogger in Singapore. His blog posts never cease to amuse me with posts about his screwed up trips, debacle stories and he’s quite a male chauvinist. Something like Peter Chao in Singapore’s blogosphere. Not recommended for those who can’t take jokes well.)

12. Singapore Taxi Driver (his daily encounter as a taxi driver and very interesting as well)

13. Wai Ken (I know this guy for like 10 years and I think he’s one of the most versatile blogger of all since he blog about many different things)

14. Kenwooi (need me intro summore meh? =___=)

15. Gratitude (I guess everyone know him as well. I like his blog posts as they make think a lot and sometimes it is coz of his POWDERFUL english)

That’s all for now. It’s not that I don’t like other blogs, I read every blogs in my blog roll but most of the time I remain as a silent reader because my sucky internet connection loads pages VERY slowly. Thanks once again, Caroline for the award. Appreciate it. Not much love given though for kept calling me pig in her blog. =P

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