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Wacky Wednesday: Foong Pc

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday. This is a new section of my blog where I will feature some random bloggers by asking them some random questions. It’s not some usual Blogger of The Month or Week that you normally see. It’s more like a section of Q&A compromises of some really RANDOM questions
So the first blogger I interviewed for the first edition is Foong Pc. So enjoy
  1. Probably the most asked question among your readers and fans. What do you exactly look like? Name 1 celebrity each that represent your following attributes. Each attributes cannot have the same celebrity or character. (Do take note that I will try to combine the picture out. Go crazy with ur list. Can even name Mariah Carey and Po. LOL)a. Face shape
    b. Eyes
    c. Nose and mouth
    d. Body

    OK this is tough cos I look exactly like Jing Jing, the 2008 Beijing Olympics mascot. Haha!!! But just for fun, here goes ….
    a. Face shape – Baby Po
    b. Eyes – Bruno Mars
    c. Nose and mouth – Angelina Jolie
    d. Body – Ryan Reynolds 

    Foong's depiction on how he look like!

  2. I know you like the supernatural, so what would you do if a hot and bootylicious female ghost were to seduce you?Are you sure a bootylicious female ghost will be interested to seduce a panda? LOL! But even if she is, yikes! No way I am going to make out with ghosts!! No dead people for me please. I prefer humans. Or pandas. Haha!!! 
  3. Tell me the worst thing that could ever happen if a FEMALE panda enter your house.I’ll be a father soon? Worst nightmare!! 
  4. Imagine you are going for an important meeting with a potential client and you are late. So you sped and ran over a dog which your client owns. Unfortunately, the ONLY witness of that accident is your client’s secretary who happened to be your neighbor that you recently had argument with because she let her dogs poo in your favorite shoe that cost few hundred ringgit. What type of excuse or bribe you will offer to shut her up?What bribe?! I don’t bribe people! I am a nice person. I will kill her and bury her together with my client’s dog
  5. If you are stranded in a haunted house who would you prefer to have with you and why. Name 1 character that is fictional. 1 celebrity. 1 animal. And 1 friend or family members.Ooh! I would love to have Kazuya “Naru” Shibuya from SPR (Shibuya Psychic Research) with me as he can help me get rid of ghosts and demons! He’s only 17 but he’s good!! Yes, in Naru I trust.

    As for celebrity, I want Lady Gaga with me! Yes! With her looks and sense of fashion, she will frighten even the most hideous ghost! Well, she was born that way! Haha! 

    Animal? Err…a dog will be good as it can howl if it sees or senses a ghost. Oh, Scooby Doo will make a fine companion cos he will provide me the laughs. It’s quite tense inside a haunted house and I need some entertainment : )

    I don’t want no family members as they are all more scared than me haha!! Friends? Hmmm, maybe someone who don’t believe in ghosts? A skeptic would be good so that I can turn him around LOL!

  6. Tell us how would a wacky day for you be like. Can be good or badMy day becomes wacky when I wake up late (around 2pm) and have no time to poo or eat breakfast! Or when I want to blog but my Streamyx internet connection is down. Or when I am trapped in a massive traffic jam and tweeting is impossible because Digi broadband is horribly slow. Or when a person named Eric Lee drops me an email and asks me to answer 6 wacky questions! OK, just kidding on that last one! Haha!!  
I can guess there are some disappointed people around here hoping to catch a glimpse of Foong and might even be stalking him. Flame me if you like but I just doing a favor by giving people a vague imagination on how he looks like. Still not satisfied? Fine. The picture actually shows the real him. Just in a 100% opposite way. There you have it.
So, would you like to  take the challenge to be featured or you want to suggest someone for me to feature? You can even provide me the questions you wanna ask. This is a 100% free question where you can even question someone’s sexual preferences or kinky fantasies if you would like.

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