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What Are Guys Thinking Part 3


I decided to continue writing this although Part 1 and Part 2 were dated way back in my blog. For those who are interested in reading those two pieces of blog posts. Here’s the links.

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So what brings me to continue blog about this issue? During the last Chinese New Year, I overheard a conversation between my aunt and my cousins. Ok, not exactly OVERHEARD but rather is my aunt speaking too loudly in the living room while disregarding my presence in that living room as well. So what do they talk about?

She lectures about “How to please your men” and “How to keep a relationship alive” kinda stuff. And what really bothers me that she kept emphasizing that MEN ONLY WANTS SEX most of the time kinda thing. She said that this claim is backed by some famous psychologist in her book about relationship and men.

So seriously people, the million dollar question is this. You wanna know what a GUY thinks by asking a WOMAN who read most of it from a book written by a WOMAN on getting to know GUYS well? So let me offer a MUCH economical, practical, environmental friendly and 100% accuracy which is “Asking Your Men Straight Forward“.

It is unfair to just judge men just by the majority. I dare to say each individual differs from one another and this universal law implies to both women and men.

Men Only Wants Sex

This statement is equivalent to “All Women Are Materialistic”. When we guys said that women are materialistic, they will go all mad at us. Why? Because they know the statement isn’t true. When we protest that not all men only wants sex, it’s just seem more like a pity attempt to try to salvage our very tiny dignity out of that statement.

She said that sex keeps a relationship alive and lack of sex will drive the husband to search for an affair outside marriage. True for most men. BUT lack of sex ALSO drives WOMEN to search for affair outside marriage. In fact, it is actually WOMEN that love sex MORE than men.

If you want to argue that more men does it that women, probably true back in the olden days where women are most stay at home moms and rarely have a chance to socialize. In this era, there are more and more independent women who go out to work and this encourages more social activities. Why am I not surprised that when I heard of a woman who commit adultery are usually working woman? We men not only want sex. It is just a myth which you can read FROM HERE.

10 Sexual Myths

The simple truth is just simply wrong

The most important thing in keep a relationship alive is what? I’m gonna talk about this in next post if not this post will be too long.

What really actually pleases a guy?

I had emphasized this in my two previous post and I stand firm by my answer which is EGO. A guy is egoistic. Most guys are. Although your guy might be very accommodating, wanted everything to go according to what you please rather than what he wants, or will just work his heart out just to get something you want, most people might think that the guy is not egoistic but I beg to differ in most case. In this case, the guy’s ego is being the perfect partner for you. Compliment the effort or reward the effort, you got yourself one very happy guy partner.

Brushing an ego works just about in every situation I believe. In workplace, we have to brush our bosses’ ego and in school, we had to please both our teachers and parents. A girl would like to be pampered and cared for, while a guy would to have his ego brushed. So is it still hard to understand? In the nutshell, everyone wanted their ego to be pleased.

What is EGO?

Let make things straight. Ego does not only imply for guys only. It’s the same for girls as well.  And it does not ONLY implies as self-importance kind of stuff. I took this definition from dictionary.com

the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling,and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought

So you can have an ego of a committed lover, an ego of an workaholic or an ego of an student and the list goes on. So what’s the most important lesson from this? FIND OUT YOUR PARTNER’S EGO be it man or woman.

So people, what do guys really think of?

P.S : I had been busy with my work for the past two weeks which makes me unable to bloghop or blog…in fact, I might even be busy this coming week as well. Sorry if I didn’t drop by your blog. If I’m free, I will definitely do so. Have a nice day and hope you enjoy this piece from me.

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