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What Are Guys Thinking Pt 2


Since Miss Aezlika had opened up a challenge, I guess it would fun.

10 Things Girls Should Know About Guys

Although I did not expect this part 2 to be like this but I guess it will be rather entertaining. So here I goes.

1. Honesty won’t get us laid

Seriously, when girls ask us to be honest, we often have to end up choosing death by hanging or death by electric chair. Which most of the times, we end telling the very convenient “white lie” to save our ass. We have to admit that despite being an honest guy, we bound to have certain lies to save our ass. As Russell Peters stated in his stand-up, sometimes when we give a honest answer, you girls will think it as a lie. We have to lie to keep you and may be our pants happy. For us, honesty in the women’s dictionary meant pleasant things they wanna hear. If we did something bad and be completely honest with you, will you girls forgive us for being honest. I got to say I’ve seen more girls lying than guys. So why not we each look at ourselves first. Most guys would only be honest without any pressure. Take that as a mental note.

2. The “break up” rule

As a matter of fact, we guys do realize this trick but we just keep quiet about it. Why? Because when we retort about the fact behind that rule, we will end up in bigger trouble than we already are in and that time you girls will seriously consider breaking up. Like I said, honesty is not well practiced in a relationship. I guess that implies to girls. Suggesting break up while you don’t mean it doesn’t seems honest to us. That’s why we get very frustrated when this rule takes control. It just meant more work for us while we just hate the fact that the girls are did nothing much but wait.

3. Ego is always two sided for us
It is true that its best not to bring out too much of the men’s ego. However, when we shower you with gift and did all the romantic things for you, we expect something in return. There’s no such thing as a free meal. When we did those things for you, we pamper your feelings and emotions. Why not you girls pamper our ego as well? Guys’ ego=Girl’s emotion. Do it once awhile and we would be more than glad so that makes us do more things for you. Do you expect to work for free? When you girls think that you being happy is enough for us, how we respond? Sure love, anything for you and now how about a quickie? It would make me happy and then you should be happy as well right coz I’m happy?

4. We love you but we are not your personal commercial ad.
When you girls don’t flaunt us as much to the public as most I’ve seen then why do we need to flaunt you girls to our guy friends so much. One thing that we guys don’t like is a pal of ours suddenly turning our drinking session into an emo session about his couple problems so we usually will turned him away and isolate him in order to save our precious gathering. And we guys HATE to be left out by our pals. Seriously, we will put up with wearing couple t-shirts and so on. We will be glad to but please don’t decorate our entire room, car or office with your favorite stuff and neglecting ours. Manchester United got to have its place somehow.

5. We hate being turned down
Just like how we put up with PMS and emotional breakdown, we hope that our girls will put up with our needs once awhile. So when we say let’s just chill over the weekend, please don’t put a fuss over the year end sales. We need time to chill and may be some watches football and I seriously thinks our wallets need a break.

6. We are egoistic creatures but let’s reevaluate

Yeah, we are egoistic by nature but let’s take a moment to reevaluate. We did a lot of things to make you girls happy and when we argue, we tends to make a very pathetic sorry that doesn’t seems like one. What else do you girls need us to do? When you girls are at wrong, most of us get the blame instead and we just shut it until you blew our top. Look who’s more egoistic now. We are not that good in apologising and not every guy is a romeo.

7. We love the way you are

We love everything about you. When we said it then we mean it. But most tend to think that we are just lying our heart out. It’s true you have flaws but some of us might think that’s unnecessary or the flaws made you girls cute. Trust us shall we? *winks*

8. Interaction between mother
We do not like you girls to get too up close and personal with our parents and mother especially. We want you to make a good impression for our parents but TRUST ME when I say that we do not need another mother by our side. So don’t nag our flaws like our mothers did and discuss them with our mother. It irritates the shit out of us. You can discuss them gently with us and always add certain comforting words to sooth our ego just the way we like it.

9. We trust you but we don’t trust other guys
When we forbid u to meet some guy friends of yours, it doesn’t mean that we don’t trust you. We just don’t trust the guy. We are jealous and worried. Most girls enjoy the attention from guys like how we enjoy attention from girls but listen to us when we warn you. You girls might not know it but we know when you are giving chance for that guy because we are guys as well. So don’t go fuming on us about not trusting you.

10. Porn doesn’t mean cheating to us

I bet every guy be it gays or straights watched porn. When you girls explode and ask us to delete all our prized collection away, we just plead for you girls to understand. Either you give in to our sexual needs, watch them with us and if not then let the guys bond with their hands for a moment. We won’t dump you for the virtual porn stars and we won’t fell in love with them. We need to fulfill our lust once awhile just like how you girls want to be pampered. We just love you girls as much as our hobby doesn’t mean a thing in our relationship.

Basically that’s about it for now. The post got way too long even for my liking. Hope you girls don’t take this personally because I meant no harm and you may correct me if I’m wrong be it guys or girls. Why don’t we made this a chain blog post? I would sure love to see any reply to this. Haha. Post a blog on “10 things guys/girls should know about guys/girls“.

P.S: This blog post is just my own perspective of guys and it doesn’t reflect all the guys and even me at some point. I’m just generally stating and I’m not up against the women community. I still need to get married. XD Signing Out….

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  • kenwooi

    i agree on some! haha.. =Dp/s: the first picture and the last picture… no comments.. lol..kenwooi.com

  • Aezlika

    haha good one! and honest too. i didnt take it personally and was actually smiling and hehe-ing cuz i noe its true..if i were a guy..i'd do that too..wat guys and girls see are totally the opposite and different thing..but in the end..we'll do wtv we can to keep the relationship alive, ryte? HAHA, thumbs up πŸ™‚

  • Eric Lee

    kenwooi: hahaha i have to post the two pictures up especially the last one after finding them on the net. Why don't you try blogging it as wellAezlika: haha well, we are all just the same since we are humans. Gender usually not really that important.

  • Donna

    We love the way you areI like this.. and HAHAHAHAHAHA.. i agree watching porn doesn't mean cheating la.. coz com'on, every guy also watch porn one ok! HAHA..

  • conan_cat

    hahaha! i love this! especially the honesty, money, ego and porn part πŸ˜› some girls really just don't get it! porn doesnt mean cheating ok!!! xD

  • Eric Lee

    donna: hahaha i guess being you bf have the privilege of watching porn unlike some i knew hahahaha…of coz we love the way you girls are..Grey: absolutely agree that most girl don't find it that way. haha but then, there are several understanding ones like our dear donna above..LOL hahaha

  • Miss Confession

    This is a very interesting post… and most of the things you've mentioned, not surprising to me actually. Plus what you've said are all true to an extent. nice one in putting the words that way! =)BTW, I guess sometimes the problem is not that a girl is a girl and therefore she doesn't get it, or that a guy is a guy therefore he doesnt get what/why a girl is saying or doing such things, it is more of that individual itself regardless of gender. To me, I'm all for giving a guy his space with his frens and all that jazz coz guys are humans as well. And guys, true, need to be pampered too, just in a different way than girls. Heck, I watch football just to spend time with d significant other eventho I don't really enjoy watching but it is what d other party likes and it is the moment of doing stg 2geda that is memorable. Well said post =D

  • sandygan

    so guys alwaiz lie? ok so tats means my hubby alwiz lie2me la.. fml

  • Eric Lee

    MissC: I absolutely agree that it all breaks down to individual rather than gender. I too accompany my partner last time to watch several movies i absolutely did not want. I know it would be interesting to know your point of view. Well said.. XDSandy: LOL don't take it that way. Guys don't always lie to their loved ones. I don't see any problems between you and your hubby. He's with u all the time ma. Don't take my post too seriously haha.

  • β–‘♥si lampu

    y choose to lie, u can be honest. u can!! ;( isk..do guy really try hard to make girl happy? i dont think so. zzz.

  • Eric Lee

    same reason why girls lie…i absolutely dun believe that girls don't lie…girls lie to make guys do something for them..hahaand may be coz girls are hard to be satisfied so that's why u dun think so…lol

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