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What Can We Learn From Bersih 2.0


What can we actually learn from Bersih 2.0? No doubt this 7th July 2011 event will goes down in the book of history as one of the most memorable event in Malaysia. For once, the citizen of Malaysia stand up against the government who were previously thought to be “untouchable” and invincible. What important is not whether this rally is successful in making the election fair and clean but rather what we can actually learn from it.

Let’s take a moment to view this before proceed to reading shall we?


When our Prime Minister first said that Bersih rally is illegal and how it could affect the country in a bad way. I actually agrees with it. Having a street protest would bring the economy down as foreign investor would think twice about investing here and tourists would avoid coming to Malaysia for awhile. So why Patriot took place? Let me quote a sentence right here. Source here.

“Don’t (make us) start street demonstrations. Yesterday, we only sent our Umno Youth wing, led by Khairy Jamaluddin, to represent us,”

The same goes for Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa. And how about the Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia (PSSLM) who threatened Bersih members that they will take action if the rally insist on taking place? When these people claim that Bersih 2.0 rally would chaos security issues, chaos and even violence, I actually agree with them. Because if Bersih 2.0 continues to go on, Perkasa and PSSLM would cause the security issues, chaos and violence themselves.

And realized that they did not practice what they preach, Perkasa immediately change his definition of asking the Chinese community to “stay home” and both Perkasa and PSSLM put a no show on 7th July 2011.

I would rather label them as smart rather than cowards as what most people had said. This is because international eyes are on this event. Having silat members manhandling the protesters is an act of illegal violence as they are not authorized to do so. The police force might have the authority and power to do so but not silat members. They are just martial artists and being a martial artist myself, martial arts is about health and the balance of healthy mentality and body. Martial artists would not go on to “wage war” with others. A master in martial arts would be able to control all his or her disciples because we were taught to respect and to control our emotions. Is either silat does not practice that or the chief of PSSLM is the odd one out.

Double Standards?

The purpose of Bersih 2.0 rally is very clear. These are the following purpose that Bersih tried to achieve.

But what’s the purpose of Perkasa “Peace” and UMNO “Patriot” rallies? To oppose Bersih 2.0? To oppose the rally or to oppose the purpose of the rally?

To oppose the rally? If they oppose the rally then why would they held another rally of their own? Isn’t that adding fire to fire? Isn’t  that hypocrisy?

To oppose the purpose of the rally? Why would anyone wanted to oppose the mission to make the election fair? If they are confident that the election is already fair, then they would have no problem in letting Bersih 2.0 barking baseless accusation? Don’t they know that opposing the purpose of the rally is like telling people that the current election system is not fair? The EC and government’s unwillingness to cooperate would only strengthened the accusation made by Bersih.

So since there are 3 parties declaring rallies at the same place and date and why only Bersih 2.0 is being declared illegal in mainstream media?

The Lies and Mainstrem Media

As I’m not personally there, I would not be able to say much. However, by not being there, I could say even more. First of all, mainstream media. As far as I’m concerned, I had long known that they are controlled. But what the hell? You guys deliberately changed the entire story. I can tolerate with moderate changes but things had gone too much.

Still not convinced? Tony Teh, a blogger who actually participate in this event, had blogged about his first-hand experience.

His experience is here. And also his post mortem is here.

Mainstream media in Malaysia is literally lying with eyes wide open even with hardcore facts slapped to their face.

Wow...just WOW

What can we actually learn from this? It’s obvious the mainstream are targeting people who are incapable of accessing the internet which are usually older generations. But we, the younger generation of Malaysia are the ones determining the fate of Malaysia. The mainstream media is teaching the children to LIE?

Even worse, Utusan Malaysia, claim that people would receive RM150 to RM200 to participate in that rally. Where’s the proof of it? They said that the participants did not even know the purpose of the rally and couldn’t care less of the organizers. Really?

To me, only RETARDS would endanger themselves to participate in an illegal rally just for the sake of ONLY RM150 and RM200??? These people risk going into jail for that money?? How low do you think we Malaysians are? Or are you referring to some other members that took part? We have ethics. We know what is right and wrong. Not everyone in Malaysia would die for bribes.

Not to mention this is the very newspaper that insults the Japanese’s tsunami misfortune with its Ultraman comic. I wonder how can they sleep everyday if their life is filled with these kind of baseless accusations. Don’t they have ethics? Have everyone in Bersih 2.0 rally’s account checked by MACC. Can they find additional bribes into their account? They will do it under the condition it is done on ground floor and out in the public.

Before we jump to conclusion, this is what my source had said. This source of mine, is someone working in a local mainstream media. This is the reply.

1.) as a reporter, we oso can have our point of view, example, let said i was a BN hardcore, then i will not write any news bad for BN
2.) internet’s media not need to apply license, but our have to do so every yrs. so if we write news against Gov. then action will be taken, let say Gov. not allow to issue license next yrs
yes, there r freedom to report, but oso have to follow the rules set by gov

Bersih 2.0 Rally

We were being told by Barisan Nasionals are anti-Muslim. Anti-Malay . Bersih 2.0 plans to manipulate race and religion to win support. Bersih 2.0 consists of non-Malays that are dissatisfied with how the government protects the Malay race. Perkasa claim so and so does UMNO. Everyone have their own interpretation of things.

However, this is mine. Bersih 2.0 represents MALAYSIANS who are dissatisfied with the government and election process. We consists of multi-racial people be it Malay, Indians, Chinese, Bumiputera and even Caucasians. This is the ONLY event that truly represents out unity. The Malays are the majority and in fact they are the majority who brought salt to help everyone regardless of age, race or religion. How can you say these noble people being anti-Muslim? They are the true Muslim who are always there to help regardless of religion. The more desperate the government trying to play the race card, the more united the country seems.

What can we learn from this Bersih 2.0 rally? We learn of being true Malaysians. I would not even use the term 1Malaysia as I think this term is over-rated and it is not even practiced by our politicians. The concept is tainted in my opinion. I would label this as the Spirit of True Malaysians.

The Government Gets It Right Too. Do they?

When Najib claims that Bersih is being used by the Opposition to their political advantage, I couldn’t help but to agree at some point. Who else would benefit from if the Malaysian citizens are unsatisfied with the government? And the injuries sustained by Anwar Ibrahim and other PKR leaders seem way too convenient. However, is there any point to it?

Yes, I admit I would not know how the Opposition will manage the country. The Opposition cannot guarantee the country to be better.

If you ask me, I would take the RISK IT. If we never try, we would NEVER know. For a person that doesn’t care much about politics until 4 years ago, I started out as a pro-BN citizen. But it doesn’t take me long to eventually lost hope.

The last 4 years, I had seen Penang and Selangor progressed better than other states. In 4 years time, there are a lot to be seen. So for the next 4 years, we can definitely prove what can the next GE winners do.

The Current Citizens and Police Force of Malaysia.

Let’s thank God for the existence of the Internet so that we would not be blinded. We are more educated because we are more informed.

But we cannot also overlooked the fact that we will always live in fear. Is this a democratic country? We have the police force attacking the people even if they are armless. The police only STOOD BY to look while one is suffering from heart attack. They did not offer to help or even provide first aid.

No actual physical contact between the protestors and police, how to explain this video?

Truth that Cannot Be Cover – Bersih 2.0 09/07/2011

And now even local bloggers are not allowed to spread so called “fake” news? If that’s the case, won’t China Press and Utusan Malaysia to be the first to be convicted?

How about the scene where water cannon and tear gas being fired at Tung Shin Hospital. For goodness sake, THERE ARE PATIENTS THERE. And what did these people do or say to cover up? What exactly good a job they had done? What exactly is justice? Aren’t the PDRM suppose to protect us. So after watching this initial video, let’s watch this video instead.

Quite obvious he hadn't bled in the previous photo when he was remanded by the police



No. I wouldn’t say the true brave Malaysians to be Ambiga or Anwar for that matter. I would say it is this Aunty Ooi. Being an old lady at her age, wanting to participate to make a change. Can anyone say it is for a selfish reason? Being paid? No. Being at her age, I believe she wouldn’t be able to make much difference to her life. I believe it is for the better of the her children, her grandchildren and also the future generation of this nation.

When it comes to selflessness and true care for the nation, this woman beats every single one out there. I could only say the ONLY individual that could match her true heroism and bravery is Datuk A. Samad Said. These two elderly not only show their support but they actually acted it out. I was actually ashamed of myself for not being as bold as them. Were they spare from all the ill treatments? Look at how Madam Ooi was drenched in sweat and acid rain.

My Verdict

To me, July 9 2011 will be the day Malaysia was finally born since we achieve independence on 31 August 1987. Not reborn but born. When we fought for our independence, we put our differences aside. The result of casting them away temporary and not solving them caused 13 May. This day, everyone is united willingly. We are united because we wanted a better future for ourselves. We interact with each other not as Chinese Malaysian or Malay or Indian Malaysian but rather as Malaysian as a whole.

We helped out each other when we saw others are in need of help. We actually USES THE TERM “WE“. We proved to be more mature that the government taught of us. Despite staging a rally, we did not fight back with the FRU or police. We did not need to use violence even though we are confronted with violence.

We cannot know for sure if Bersih 2.0 is political motivated. We cannot know for use if we are being used by the Opposition. But we can know that there is no longer race or religion barrier among most Malaysians. We can know that a lot of us are not satisfied with a lot of things.

I’m part of the silent majority mentioned here. I believe many could not show up due to the threats and road blocks and many other attempts of the government in limiting access to the capital. Even if it’s only the 6000 number that PDRM claimed, it’s a lot of people considering the efforts in limiting access to Kuala Lumpur. If it’s the 50, 000 people, then it’s a hell lot of people.

To those who are still unaware of the current situation and still couldn’t care less, PLEASE DO CARE. Don’t you know that our future is being at stake here? Think deeply of what is being presented before you.

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