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What Driving Malaysian Cars Meant


As some of you might know, I was involved in a car accident just last week. Being a typical Malaysian, I shared it out on my social media platforms. But then again, it was just to vent my frustration over that bitter incident. Like some of you might know, I drove around in a Perodua Kenari. Yes. A “Malaysia made car”. So what does driving Malaysian Cars really meant?


Driving locally made cars means you are putting your life in higher risk. Seriously, with all the taxes imposed on cars, 1 should expect decent qualities of cars. But this is totally bullshit. The back bumper of my Perodua Kenari was (I’m not sure to quote fortunately or unfortunately) made out of plastic and in a way, it reduces the impact of collision to minimal. The front of my car, was an entire different story. Judging based on the Peugeot which I collided to, the damage is actually quite minimal since mostly are bumper damages. Mine on the other hand, had a great deal of damages to it. Both my front doors were having difficulties just to open them. The front panel, headlights, hood and bumper were damaged badly. I saw liquid flowing from my car and I think that means “your-car-is-totally-f*cked” since I’m no expert. It actually pains me a lot as the car was sent to the workshop on a monthly basis. Seriously, it seems that it has period once every month. And finally, I thought that I could avoid sending my car to the workshop but that failed miserably.

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