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What It Meant To Me : Gwiyomi


Year 2013 might be the year of viral videos. From Harlem Shake to Gwiyomi in no time. If you are from Malaysia, it is more epic. The “Are You Ready For BN” viral video, the Global Witness’s video on Taib Mahmud’s bribery and probably a lot more to be listed here. But let’s talk about the latest viral video craze shall we? The video that we kept seeing on Facebook. Gwiyomi or Kwiyomi or even Kiyomi to some or whatsoever. Have you watched the videos? What do you think of them? This is how it means to me.

For the first several times, it is definitely 1+1 = Gwiyomi. But later on, it just sounds like “Kill Me” in my opinion. Not sure if it’s really that or I’m just bloody annoyed by it. I think it is the latter. I don’t understand the logic behind Gwiyomi. I can forgive them if the girls show some decent amount of cleavages but seeing guys doing it? I can’t help but to wonder what had we done to offend the Internet God. No offense to all my friends who enjoyed it and even started doing the video. It’s your choice and I won’t criticize it. Nothing wrong with it actually. It is just that it gets very annoying to me.

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