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What People Thought Of Bloggers


I do not want to generalized everyone like that. What I meant in this post of mine, is a large collective of people generally, who are not bloggers. Now I know there are non-bloggers who are not as I described below but this is actually what really most non-bloggers thought of us. In fact, clients as well. I know because I tried to help several “clients” or I would prefer to call them as friends, to look for bloggers for their business. In fact, I had even clients approached me and also some Q&A questions with my friends which led me into this conclusion. Do read with an open heart.

To make things less confusing, this is the guide to the characters about to come into this post.

What most people thought the bloggers, especially food bloggers, that we can actually demand to dine for free at any restaurant. There might be one or two beggars disguised as “Datuks” among us, but most of us don’t. We have too much dignity to do that and we still take ourselves as common people and pay for our damn food. The food reviews we went, are mostly invited by the restaurant owner themselves. The ironic thing is this. When we were invited for a food review, people claim we only want free food but if they were put into our position, they will jump straight into it. And the thing is, it is NOT free. Yes. Not free. This is because we have to blog and write for it. It is a form of advertisement. When people google search a certain type of food or events, blogs serves as an advertisement tool in introducing the food or events in a layman’s point of view. Not much people actually understood whatever Gordan Ramsay or Jamie Oliver said right? How much value are blogs? Most blogs have several hundreds of visitors a day and even thousands. That serves the exposure probably more than magazines lately. Free food? Fat chance. We work for it.

And then when we blog, surprisingly this is what most people thought we are doing. Well if it is that easy, everyone will have fame equivalent to Xiaxue or Sixthseal. But, it is more like this.

Besides thinking on how to compose a blogpost the best way we could, we have to think about the pictures we had for it. Remember the times when you are in school doing your essay or “karangan”? This is the same PLUS editing pictures and meeting deadlines most of the time. And no. Majority of us don’t do this for a full time. We have to do it outside our working hours or when our bosses were too preoccupied coming up with reason to fire our asses. One shitty picture could ruin your blog’s credibility and yes, I know it.

There are a lot more things but a money blood sucker is the common one. Some felt they shouldn’t even be paying for unprofessional work especially one that wasn’t laced with flowery and powdery England. Bloody hell.

But most of the time, we are not the ones ripping u off. The advertisers are the ones. And I wouldn’t say all of them. Just several ones. So clients, do you know how much you actually pay your bloggers for sometimes?

Surprise, sometimes absolutely nothing. Of course, I do understand that this is purely business for advertisers but please don’t take for granted both clients and bloggers. Let your clients know how much you are actually paying the bloggers and not kept them in the dark about it. This is the main reason why so many clients bad mouthed us. Because they thought they paid shit loads of money to bloggers and yet we did not come up with any good write-up for them. You want a good write-up? Improvise whatever you are trying to promote. So if clients have money, isn’t that better for them to directly deal with bloggers as well? Why do bloggers still taking up jobs from advertisers? It is easy actually. Here it is.

This is what clients usually do when they directly approach bloggers. And this usually happens when clients wanted some bloggers but refused to pay much. They offer ridiculous deals to bloggers and went really overboard. There was a BIG company, let’s call it R here, which spark my impulse to write this post regarding Bloggers And |Advertisers. They actually offered bloggers a pair of movie tickets in exchange for a review for their product. Not 3D, not imax but just plain movie tickets. That is downright insulting and this is why bloggers still go to advertisers. Advertisers keep both bloggers and clients in check. They make sure both are playing their roles sensibly and not becoming Hitler. If you still think movie tickets are reasonable pricing, why not try pumping Coca-Cola into your car instead of petrol? Or just drink water from the toilet bowl. I bet these two are reasonable as well. You can’t possibly pay a Roti Canai price in hoping to get a T-bone steak, do you?

What? Not everyone has the influence power of Xiaxue or Perez Hilton. More importantly, how often do see a blog post getting viral? In fact, sad to say, people no longer follow blogs like last time. Why? Because there are so many more to be done on Facebook. That’s why. Even if I blog about free gold, not much people would actually read it. Unless it is free s*x or p*rn. That’s what the internet is for. But you know what is most damaging and even more image threatening than a blog?

Facebook. As you see, blogs are usually seen by followers or search engine results. Only very few blogs have dedicated followers. But Facebook, on the other hand, is worse. Liking a simple picture or share it, you will get virality. Which means, even if people did not purposely look for your stuff, they will see it. Blogs could only maintain so much virality and visits are due to the fact of them being shared on social media. For example, if I do not share this out, high chance a lot of people wouldn’t even know I had updated. High chance people will even forget this blog exists. That’s how much Facebook and Twitter had contributed in gaining traffic for me. So rest assured, people only search for events and food lately. And of course without a doubt, p*rn.

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  • cutebun

    True lor. Bloggers don't get paid 90% of the time, for not famous bloggers I mean. =/
    My recent post You can vote for a fitter, healthier and prettier me!

  • michleong

    Totally agree. Sometimes we get paid peanut for writing. Doesn't reflect our effort at all. And all the reviews and events, we go for free, yes. But the cost of going there also is being paid by ourselves.
    My recent post The Extended Weekend

  • foongpc

    Somehow, I hate writing a blog post to promote someone else's products. And I hate deadlines. And I rather pay for my food. LOL.
    My recent post My Breakfasts At Bangkok Loft Inn

  • foongpc

    But I dont mind inserting a link or two within the topic of my blog post to promote products lah. Just don't ask me to edit photos and compose a post. Too much work haha.
    My recent post My Breakfasts At Bangkok Loft Inn

  • Angel

    Some bloggers do make demands. They would demand for free stuff from brand PIC. Some bloggers want free stuff, especially premium items. Instead of demanding for it, they drop hints at their blog whenever possible. When they get what they want, they will post a fabulous review on this or that particular product. Isn't that misleading? On the other hand, blogging used to be simple, and not as complicated as present time.

    • ericleeh

      Hi, I am glad for someone to voice this out. I wouldn't say only some bloggers want free stuff. Humans in general, most of us want free stuffs. We buy cars also demand this and that. As simple as that. Now I would shed some light on this. There are, and I do mean A LOT of people started blogging so that they could have free stuffs. That you see, is the difference between a good and proper blogger and a person who becomes a blogger for the sake of all that. There is a difference between a really good blogger and a blogger who blogs casually. Take a look at Soya Cincau. They might have been getting many free gadgets or whatsoever but they are professional at it. Take a look at Cheesie and Audrey. They blog well and unbiased but how many could afford them? That's why a lot of other bloggers come in. You do realize that these truly famous bloggers have so much more less advertorials than the less famous ones right?

      Now like I said, most people like free stuffs. Which is why a lot of them turn into blogging in hoping to get more free stuffs. Bloggers like free stuffs? Nah. Not necessary. A lot of us did it with passion as well. I know I did it. I already rejected countless emails for events and reviews on a daily basis. And who wouldn't want premium products? Come on! If you can get a Proton Saga or Honda Accord for free, don't tell me you will go for a Saga? That is plain crazy unless if you have weird fetish towards that car. The proof most people like free stuffs, take a look at the Baskin Robbins free ice cream pictures. Are all of them only bloggers?

      When they get what they want, they will post fabulous reviews, well I don't. Well, you can argue that some of my food review posts are misleading as well and I don't blame you. Know why? Because when we bloggers came, everything was in perfect 10 in terms of service and food. Owners put in extra efforts for it and when normal people came in, they don't really care. Misleading? Sometimes, it is not entirely our fault. But I do make a point if something is unsatisfactory, I will not blog about it. If I'm needed to, I will write the truth probably not as harsh as I would not elaborate extravagantly on the bad points. This is actually a common practice for most bloggers.

      Drop hints at their blog? Not something new but had yet to encounter one and I can't deny it. A lot of them do. Like I said, they are people who blogs just for free stuff. Not a true passionate one.

  • ohfishiee

    Yah most of the time, clients are like this: "You want me to pay you ah? CAN! One week 10 Facebook posts, 10 Twitter posts, 2 blog posts. DEAL?"

    One more truth is: If the outside world thinks bloggers are 'smart' enough to get free food, free entertainment, easy $$ etc, then they should think the same bout the advertisers! Who doesn't maximize profit and minimize costs when it comes to business? 🙂
    My recent post Review: Vanity Trove May 2013 Box: Awesome Wholesome

  • CleverMunkey

    Waste my time coming to your blog. I thought you giving away your retina display macbook pro 😛

    #Apabloggermahu? We want free stuff…. in reality, we prefer cash 🙁
    My recent post Mobile Fun's External Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII Review

  • Ken Wooi

    I guess I'm out of the league already – not much "comments" about me these days. 😛
    Well, I just do what I like – lesser reviews and stuff like that thou – more genuine and personal write-ups. 🙂
    My recent post Soul Food of Seoul

  • Diana Diane Teo

    Not just that, I found out nowadays most of the blogs are lacking in quality. No offense but I don't mean all, most of the products being reviewed were by those bloggers with pretty face but actually they do have little or even no knowledge at all for that particular products.

    I agreed with what Angel's comment. Most of the blogs nowadays were also misleading just to secure their payment/benefit instead of giving an honest review. But you also got your own points. When being invited for food reviews, of course everything is super perfect. After that, can imagine that.

    But good for you lah Eric. When people approaching me for review and sponsorship but once they heard I am from Sabah, no more any news from there. Lagi lah sad =(
    My recent post Philippines Day 4: The Singing Cooks & Waiters Restaurant

    • ericleeh

      To tell the truth, I think blogging and social media market in Sabah can work. I really wanted to try to explore the market there in getting clients for bloggers there. This is because Sabah can be considered as another city on its own. The bloggers there have more dedicated Sabahan readers and fans. To be exact, I felt Sabahan people would read Sabahan blogs more than other blogs. And seeing how most of the people there are getting more tech savvy, I believe it can work. Haihz, got plans but no one help me to do what I need.

    • ericleeh

      Or may be you should try a different approach in replying anything regarding sponsorship emails. It all comes down to how do you get people to be interested. Location wise can be overlooked once you locked down their interest

  • isaactanjs

    sad but true.. sad but true.. just gotta repeat it a couple more times because, yeah.. sad but true..

    and hey! i did not come from facebook, I have your link on my blog's main page! hahaha. :P..

    Latest: Ploy @ Clearwater Damansara Heights

  • @tianchad

    The advertiser has the scariest face if compared to blogger and client ;p Nowadays blogger's quality has dropped if compared to old days. I really agree with you about how Facebook/Twitter "overshine" than blog. Sharing on Facebook is much more easy than getting your blogpost viral.

    Now I even saw this post through Twitter's email compiling some news that may attract me. Which I am glad it did =)

    My recent post Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Blogger Adventure @ Sunway Pyramid #AstroOTGExplorer

  • Vaucer Zalora

    Saya antara pembaca tegar blog dari Msia… terus terang kata… saya minat blog awak… walaupun nampak cam simple.. idea awak memang menarik… tahniah 🙂

  • @tianchad

    Now I am back here again.Maybe we should make these post as sticky post/ "Guide for bloggers, advertiser and client" haha. Thanks for sharing your opinion on my post! Just recently some stuff reminded to be myself instead of doing the "official" announcement that never side any party. Looking forward for your next post regarding this topic bro =)

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