When I Meet A Note, Samsung Galaxy Note

I think I’m getting dull lately in coming up with a title. Blame it on all the work and also short breaks I had. Anyway, I received an email notification from Nuffnang regarding this Samsung Galaxy Note roadshow in 1 Utama, Damansara. I heard of this event going to take place long before and since even my colleague said that event would be worth going, I just go for it. Of course,  would like to be there early and dragged Caroline from her bed early to go to 1Utama.

The Samsung Galaxy Note

This baby is without a doubt, one of the most powerful phone in the market right now. With its over 5″ display screen, it’s hard to miss it. The whole purpose of this roadshow is to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note and expose to people with its functionality.

The Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour
T-Shirts with Cartoonized Caricatures

Saw these T-shirts with a caricature printed on it? In this roadshow, artist are invited over to do FREE caricature and then have it printed out on a T-Shirt for you. All of it at the price of RM0.00. If you want something unique for your wardrobe, this got to be it.

The Artist

The artist are being seen live doing their sketches on the Note and you had to be amazed by their work. Coming here, Caroline went for a caricature of herself to be done and printed on a shirt. That should be a fitting reward for being dragged out of bed early in the morning by me.

Some quick sketching
The amazing colors that can be produced on the Samsung Galaxy Note
The Model, The Finished Product and The Artist

It was pretty amazing for these artist to come up with a caricature at such an amazing speed. He took about 10 to 15 minutes to get it done and you had to see the amazing details and effort he put into caricature. Without a doubt, given the right user, this Samsung Galaxy Note can be something more than a typical smartphone. I was tempted to experience the Galaxy Note and so I took one of the show unit and try to sketch MYSELF on it. I didn’t opt for the artist to sketch me as there are a lot of people queuing for their personalized caricature and shirt.

Yours Truly Feeling The Note
Exploring the available options
Getting Started

Ok. I admit. It was seriously tough to do it. There are several things I would like to comment on the drawing functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note. It is without a doubt that this is one of the most responsive device for sketching. I tried to use my iPad 2 for some sketching with a stylus I bought, it lacks in certain area in terms of sensitivity and accuracy. This Note responded very well with its stylus and it does feels like I’m sketching using a pencil on a paper. The pressure sensitivity is darn precise as well. I sketch lightly on the smartphone and I got a clear line. When I apply more pressure on the surface, the lines get denser by a very apparent standard.

I enjoy myself more sketching on this Galaxy Note compared to some devices and its Dual-Core 1.4 GHz processor, this Galaxy Note responded very well with every stroke of the stylus. I sketched before on a 800 Mhz single-core processor before and the result is not ideal at all. However, drawing on this Galaxy Note is tough. This is because the screen is very sensitive and while you sketch, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING should touch the screen besides the stylus. Sometimes, sketching like that makes me felt uncomfortable and as if I’m writing Chinese calligraphy or on air.

This is definitely how it feels like for a moment
Closer view
Caricature of MYSELF (No, I don’t care what you think)

Yeap. A sketch of myself by myself on how I think myself look. Nope, I don’t need your opinion or care for it. Hah! What I would like to point here is that the lines are very much like of a pencil sketching. I bet it would definitely be fun to travel around, taking pictures with its cool 8MP camera and sketch on it to make some personal diary or memories. This is definitely a very fun smartphone to have around if you are not ONLY into games.

Everyone who had their caricature drawn, would get a free printing of shirt with their caricature on it. Definitely something to be cherished as time goes by. Me? Since I sketch myself, I don’t really have a shirt printing on my own. Or do I?


 So what do you like your smartphone to do? Ever consider a Samsung Galaxy Note?

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  1. hahaha I dont think I would feel comfortable holding the S pen that way :)

    For now I don't need a S pen on a phone hahaha I'm not good at sketching or drawing anyway :(

    Your post is fun to read :)
    My recent post Just Saved The Day

  2. Sketch pen? Hahaha!! No sketch pen for me please as I'm pretty bad at sketching! But you did a great job of it! Errr…even though u don't care about my opinion, I will still say it – that sketch of yours don't resemble anything like you woh. Hahaha!! OK just kidding there! LOL!
    My recent post My Very First Composition

  3. Nice drawings bro!

  4. LOL. You are so handsome said to the drawing on the Galaxy Note. :p
    My recent post La Sardina Metal Edition: Coyote and Belle Starr

  5. haha.. i walk pass there everyday.. went inside.. look look and just left..
    didnt know about the caricature thingy 😛
    My recent post No iPhone for iPhone Leather Case

  6. Awesome phone! Would like to get one if I can afford it 😀
    My recent post Press Conference/Movie Review: Fist of Dragon (龙拳) 2012

  7. dam pro wei! lol

    anyways Caroline got so ganas drag u to One U meh? 😛

    Just Kidding :)
    My recent post KARAFURU Fruit Tarts from Ysquare aka YY

  8. Everyone loves to have this new and very interesting gadget.As a matter of fact, many people are already looking forward to buying their latest Samsung galaxy gadget which they can enjoy and utilize at the same time.
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  9. wow! cool weyyy! i mean ur drawings. really NOT BAD! =)

  10. I just tried it today too! my friend bought it lol. cannot stop doodling while in class LOL addictive…
    My recent post Yesterday

  11. woot, i was there too, and i loved the way how the pen gives out a fine line or a thicker one depending on the pressure given.

    Nice caricature of Caroline, I was too lazy to wait, plus i felt most that did those were chicks ><

    hey, i think you really explained the feeling well, drawing on air.. haha! funny cartoon there

    My recent post Moet &amp; Chandon Rose Imperial Party

  12. Holy shyt man that’s damn cool. I would’ve drawn a penis or something if i went to the event and have it printed as a t-shirt

  13. Oh so it really didn't register. Nvm. I said it's really cool. If I went for the event, I would've drawn a penis and have it printed out LOL
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