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When Laughter Is Not The Best Medicine


Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs written filled with sadness and pain. Don’t know why, probably is just fate that brings those blogs to me. Some talks about break ups, trouble with assignments, friends or parents. It is not really rare to see posts like these but lately I’ve been bombarded by these stuffs via Facebook and blogs.

When they said laughter is always the best medicine to cure sadness, I tend to disagree. Sometimes, it is just purely running away from those problems by diverging your attention to a joke. So is it the best medicine or an escape route? Medicines are meant to cure problems and sadness and not running away from it. I only believe laughter is the best medicine for curing boredom but never sadness.

When A Friend Is In Need

Usually when I had a troubled friend, I would never say something to him or her to laugh. I rarely consoles them too because I am suck at it. Seriously, when it comes to consoling a sad person, I am equivalent to Tiger Woods keeping his “stick” to one hole. Which might explains why most people don’t seek advice from me anymore. I usually listen to the troubles he or she might encountered, and hence I gave them the best possible advice from my own experience. Usually those advice might not be pleasing to the ears as well.

I’m a realist but as oppose to most realist, I’m actually quite optimistic towards life. Which resulted in my typical style of advice. To tell the truth and not by any bragging means, some of them actually preferred it my way. It is true that they would not be happy that instant but they definitely be more relieved.

Why Laughter Is Not The Best?

When you are down, you listen to a joke or watch a comedy movie, how long would you feel better? An hour or so? I even had a friend who cried while watching a comedy movie after breaking up with her ex. All those diversion through laughter are purely escaping from the problem temporarily and then it would come and haunt you sooner or later. No matter how hard you tried to hide it, it would just never work. It is just like work, you can take a day off but you will have to deal with it sooner or later.

Letting Off

When you are faced with a problem, trust me, it is always better to face it directly. If you feel like crying, call a friend over to cry your heart out. If you feel like kicking the days light out of someone, grab something and utterly destroy it. (make sure it is legal first) People always say to let go and dun keep in heart and don’t do anything stupid and dun need to cry over such fools, I beg to differ at some point. Let everything out rather than bottling up in your heart. I absolutely hate it when sometimes I rant, someone just cut me off and ask me to forget about it and saying no use ranting about all these stuff. To cut it short, trying to make me shut up.

When you keep quiet over something and not rant about it, you are not guilty towards anyone but yourself. When you are at the losing end, why do you need to further torture yourself by keeping everything to yourself? If there are no good friends that willing to listen, blogs do exists. When I wrote about certain things, I started to think that actual friendship could develop through online and it might be even better at some point. When I rant in my blog, some people actually read it and then comment on it. I had a lot of my friends who are not actually interested in what I have to say. People tends to think that online friendship are fake but they are wrong. It just depends on how you found them.

Ok, I got diverted from my original point so I should take a step back. When you have a problem do not hesitate to let it off. If your friends not willing to listen to it, blog or write it down. Don’t post on Facebook as since it mostly made up from your friends. You do not need to seek attention, you just need to let it off. When I post in my Facebook before that there are a lot of attention seekers who kept ranting on status to gain pity, I seriously do mean it and against it. Most people tend to forget the true meaning of blog. It meant to be an online journal and don’t you rant stuff on your diary or journal?

Laugh To Cry Another Day, Cry To Live Another Day

That’s right. I don’t get this proverb from anyway but from myself. When some people says, no point crying over the past, it only true to certain degree. For example, a relationship ended a few days or weeks ago isn’t the past. Past are not actually a length of time. To me, past is the previous stage before the evolution of your maturity which sometimes takes days, weeks or months.

When you cry all your heart out or let it off, do it with all your will. Then, go experience some fruitful activities. You will come to realize things you never did before and then tend to feel better. This is because, humans are designed to be able to accept things during their most vulnerable stage. Then, only you will be stronger by learning from the past. Listening to a friend’s advice for example, could be much more fruitful than you thought. Laughter is the best medicine? To hell with it because it isn’t.

Enjoy The Simplest Things In Life

Once you get over the bitching stage of your emotion, you just got to enjoy the simplest things in life. Your family, friends, gaming, sports or shitting in the toilet. Some people just could not broaden their perspective in life. Take for example, when someone insulted you, would you sulk and keep it to yourself? Or it is better to slap that retard, rant in your blog and let the whole world discuss about it? You be the judge. That’s one thing I take pleasure in my life.

That’s all from now. Finally my laziness got over me to motivate me to blog. Although not much people really cares if I update or not. By the way, if you just come over here to say “hi, dropping by” or “visiting” in my cbox, frankly I don’t give a shit. I only read and comment in blogs that read and comment mine. And my blog isn’t that popular to have so much readers bother dropping. That’s all.

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