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When Men Aren’t Men Anymore


I cannot fight the urge to blog about this despite vowing to take a break from blogging. This had stuck on my head for several days now and I hate it when I don’t get inspired when I wanted to blog. So to satisfy my blogging urge, I wanted to blog and share this out with everyone. When men aren’t men anymore. You guys must be wondering what’s behind this title. I had this sudden random thought that almost every men will have a moment when they no longer are men anymore. When is that? When you fall in love and get serious in a relationship. That’s right. Men will become pussy when they fall in love.

When men fall in love, you know that we will become some sort of a soft sissy. True.
We tends to become more like women instead of just plain old simple and retarded men. There are several symptoms which I think most guys will definitely agree with me unless they let their ego gets into their way and lies their ass off. These are the several symptoms which I totally think are signs we are becoming more of a pussy when we fall in love.

Name Calling

Admit guys. Each and every time we  saw our old buddies, we rarely address them by name or something affectionate. I guess most of us will call our buddies with names liken “Fat Boy”, “Sohai”, “Retard”, “Fucker”, “Dickhead” and so on so one without anything sounds pleasant. Even if our friend is a bloody good looking bloke with great personality, we still call him fucker and if he is THAT GOOD, we are even more likely to address him with nasty names. Most girls on the other hand will affectionately call their friends as “Darling”, “Babe”, “Gorgeous” and so on so on. I even heard before two back-stabbing friends who call each other Babe when they meet up. Guys calling their friends “Good looking”, “Handsome”, “Macho” or “Charming Prince”, it will end up sounding gay and we are disgusted by it. Heck, most gays don’t even do that!

When we seriously fall in love, the names we use to label our partners are just plain nauseating to us in normal circumstances. You can see girls calling each of their girlfriends darling but have you heard guys calling their friends darling? They will probably call that guy a sissy and punch him in the balls. So this is our step in becoming a sissy. Remember, we only do this for the girls. Guys will become sissy for heir partner and they often uses sweet names to call their partner. If this doesn’t sound like a huge step down from manliness ego, then I don’t know what is.

Emotional Nuisance

We hate to be emotional unless the emotion is either angry, aroused or happy. Girls have no problems letting out their emotion and pouring their heart. Guys on the other hand, not so likely.We will rarely have anything emotional coming out from us but when we get hurt, sometimes we are even more emotional and annoying than girls. Another big step down from manhood.

We rarely had heart to heart conversations and trust me when I say this, the majority of our time when we have a heart to heart conversation is when we are in a relationship. We simply thinks it’s a bother to do so and we still do it when we are attached.

Thinks Too Much

Seriously, we do not like to think. Even I do not like to think. I do agree that men have the ability of sitting there and think of nothing at all because that happened to me before. I do think a lot on a lot of things but sometimes I wish I just won’t. But then I’m still a person that didn’t think too much. It’s not that guys don’t think or care for things but we don’t usually pay much attention to details such as hidden meanings behind each sentences, little sign of emotion and many more like the girls do.

When we get into a relationship, we tend to be all that. We tend to pay much more attention to details like the girls do. Simply because we do not want to get into any mess or ending up without sex for a certain period of time. That’s right. We actually care. Another step down from manhood.

It’s Not Always Bad

It’s not always bad if you think about it. We tends to be more sensitive than usual which is a good thing right? From the way it sounds, seems like love had messed us up. But then again, we won’t learn if things always go our way right? Once again I would like to say that the content of this blog post is not correct in all cases. Purely my own opinion and thoughts. this is to prevent any extremists from getting the idea of bombarding me. Right now, I am officially taking a break from blogging till 19th April due to my projects.I will still visit blogs and also actively commenting here though. LOL. Till then, see you guys next time. Bye.

Ok. Fine. I admit I love this picture.

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