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When Old Men Gather In A Kopitiam


A bunch of retirees with nothing better to do would usually go out in any coffee shops to hang out. Be it in the cities or suburban places, this scenario is way too common for Malaysians. I would like to share this story told by my friend from Taiping. Hope you guys would enjoy it.

Jialat = Malaysian Hokkien term for Deep Trouble



















Apek = term used to described Old Chinese Guy

This is a real story. A bunch of old retiree would just sit whole day in a coffee shop just to gamble if the day would rain or not. According to my friend, this is quite a common sight for him. I wonder would they go to the extend of betting how much it actually rains for the day or the time and duration of it. Wow. Now it seems the post-retirement age seems so boring until every single thing is possible for bet.

That’s all from me today. Enjoy.

P/S: I had been busy for this period which unable me to blog hop and comment often. Sorry to those whom I have not visited or blog hopped recently. I promise will resume my duties after this busy period is over. Till then, have a nice day everyone!

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