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When Politics Went Wrong


I cannot help but notice how wrong is the whole by-election is in Sibu. It is filled with controversies and even racism if you ask me. First of all, the video of Najib making deals with people of Sibu. For those who are not aware of it, here is the video for your viewing pleasure.

The Classic Gesture Slip And Statement Controversies

Had anyone here watched before the series called “Lie To Me”? It is a drama series regarding how several investigators led by Dr. Lightman to study the micro expression and body language of a person to know if that particular person is lying. Although the drama is totally fictional but the facts regarding micro expression and body language is true. The drama series provide many proof on politicians regarding all the details and you can even google it from the internet. Note that in 3:53 when Najib said “This is a government who cares for his people”, he had a Classic Gesture Slip. Scratching his nose which represents that he is unsure of his own statement and even lying at some point. For more details, read this Eight of The Most Common Lying Gestures.

Besides that, he contradicts himself in many occasion. If he says that this is a government that truly cares, why must BN wins only he will give us the money? I’m not sure whether is that matter under the jurisdiction of the country’s ruling body or the state’s ruling body but if it’s under country’s ruling body, then it is not an option but a DUTY.

The Bribery Accusation
When people say that our dear PM is obviously trying to bribe the people, but I would like to think differently. This is because politicians that cannot deliver then no point electing them. He might be right making those move but people just depict them wrongly. However, is because of his attitude in delivering that speech especially the “you help me, i help you” statement. To tell the truth, that’s the main reason why BN had lost in my opinion.
People are not dumb. They often judges another person not only by the contents of a speech but also by the manner of delivering the speech. Probably that what angers the people of Sibu and decided that they wanted to show BN that they could not be simply bought over by money. To tell the truth, the government should not only fulfilled their duty AFTER the election but also throughout their entire ruling period. May be the government did not notice but we as the citizens felt that especially during the middle period between elections, things become less unproductive.

There are a lot of controversies going on in this by election and the Opposition did hell of a job highlighting the bad side of BN since the general election. However, I am not on either side of all this. I just sit around and observe to see who can deliver promise to my place. Since Lee Hwa Beng lost, I had not seen any good performance from PKR candidates. And then this recent comment from Perkasa really angers me. Read THIS if you guys are not sure of what i am talking about.

One of The Most Racist Remarks

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I found out that Ibrahim had unconsciously labeled BN as a Malay party while DAP is a Chinese? And he wanted us to give in and be easily bought over? Isn’t elections about choosing policies and candidates? Robert Lau didn’t make any effort and it seems like Najib is the candidate for the election. Besides that, isn’t it natural to think that voting for someone who trying to manipulate others is a wrong choice? The election is not racist as both candidates are Chinese as well. However, from Ibrahim’s statement, there are certain racist suggestive remarks which I bet most people would agree with me.

Can 1Malaysia be realized if we have leaders making these sort of remarks? Why would he jump to conclusion that the people vote against BN is because they supported DAP policies which biased towards Chinese people? Isn’t all this his assumptions or he deliberately interviews every single citizens that voted against BN? When he says that the Chinese do not appreciate what the P have gave us, but the PM haven’t gave them anything yet? And is he trying to suggest that there are not a single Chinese that vote for BN? From his statement, I would say yes. Is he gonna apologize, I don’t think so. Asking BN to revised financial plan fr Chinese community? I’m glad that BN rejected such move because they are not racist. I wouldn’t say I am a BN supporter but I am not a supporter for the Opposition either. I support whoever can leads better.

For example, I support Lee Hwa Beng because he did hell of a job here in Subang Jaya and he’s a BN candidate. We should start to look at who can lead us better rather than what they had said. No matter how ideal a party might sound, but honestly, we know that most of these statements are empty promises. So I should urge people to just for once, judge a situation better before jumping to conclusion and make your votes wisely.

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