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When Racism Is Just A Stereotype


Let’s just face the real facts. Racism is becoming the norm in this society. I’m not gonna preach about how bad racism is or how stupid they are. To me, racism is more like a hatred towards stereotypes. The whole humanity is filled with stereotypes till the extend it is bloody easy to identify the thinking of a person. So what are the factors contributing towards racism? I blame it on the environment.

When we are still a kid, we rarely judge a person by their skin color or religion. As we grow up, we are being influenced by the stereotypes around us and to the extend developing a certain mindset that prejudice towards certain mindsets. The innocent and fragile young minds of ours had been polluted by the “environment” and now when we grew up the “environment” wanted to purify our minds. If you ask me, this is a whole lot of bullshit and the content of hypocrisy is very laughable.

Education On Racism

To my fellow Chinese readers, do you remember when you are young and too innocent to even know the meaning of fuck, your parents would often threatened you this classic statement if you do not behave?

“Don’t make noise anymore, later that Indian uncle catch you only you know.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you our very first education on racism. As we grow up, that frequent threat had formed into a type of mindset that most Indians are criminals which truly they are not. And how about most of you guys thought that Chinese vendors often wanted to drain out all of your remaining blood with their exorbitant prices? The truth is, almost every fucking vendor is doing the same fucking thing regardless of age, sex, religion or race. If any of you tried to claim that most Malays, Indians, Caucasian or Whatever-sians won’t do that and most of them are honest, then let me tell you this. You are a racist. Had you guys ever met honest Chinese vendors? Or even if you had, you often brush them of cheaters as well?

The Common Mistake

Many are not aware of the little details they did or said already display their racist thoughts. I believed everyone had a small part of racist inside of them even me myself. I had read before regarding this statement of “I’m not racist but…..” and it is said that the beginning of this sentence already showed you are a racists. I do had to agree to that even though I used this statement often. When you jumped into defense of your statement like that, it is very obvious that you already had that racist thought earlier on. However, many did not really understand the true meaning of racism when they are in fact just a serious case of hatred towards certain stereotypes.

The problem with people is that we tend to label others while forgetting to label ourselves. We should not just judge other people but we we should judge ourselves the most. If you had a serious case of BO, would you blame others for not smelling the way just like you are or would you just go grab as many Rexona as you can?

The Usual Blame Game
Who are we to blame? Ourselves or the society? When something tends to favor towards certain people, of course there will be unrest and also hatred. They will feel the same way too if something went unfavorable towards them. People often do not realize how bad it is the situation towards others and their selfishness had just label the rest as racists. And also people do not understand the true meaning behind a certain action and thus label them as racists. With this ball game going on, I pretty much said that everyone is a racist.
Let’s just evaluate certain cases of stereotypes here and just spit out the answer that first came into your mind.

1. Extremists that only thinks their religion is the best?
2. Drug takers and robbers?
3. Small dicks?
4. Big dicks?
5. Kiasu (People who are afraid to lose)

If anyone of you had a thought flashed through your mind regarding certain group of people then you are a racist. If you come to evaluate all these situations properly, there’s no certain criteria towards them that required only a certain race.

Take for example, big dicks. I’m taking this as example so that most people do not really get offended. To be honest, who the fuck would be offended if people teased them for having a big dick. I would just smile and thank them if that happens to me. Since most of us are being blinded by the pornography industry that black men have black dicks, so we develop a certain mindset regarding that. It is actually a racist thought although it is not a bad thing to begin with. But then, I guess if you explore more porn videos, you would notice not every black man had a bloody 12 inches long sausage to please.

How to get rid of racism?
To tell the truth, I think it’s not exactly an important task to do so. It all comes into the determination of the society and government. Racism is just a case of stereotype hating and the easiest way to do it is to educate and develop the thinking of the young minds into judging a certain things. If you are a racist, welcome to the world of stereotypes. If you are not a racist, welcome to the world of delusion. If you are a blend of both, welcome to my world of self realization.

That’s all from me today. Leave a comment regarding what you think of racism. Signing off

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