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When Second Chances Are Blessings


Recently I encountered 2 videos on the internet which I thought to be absolutely inspiring. I am absolutely impressed by these two videos in particular. You got to wonder the limits of a human’s capabilities. One can do so much as long as there are effort in it.

So enjoy the video here.

How was it? A handicapped break dancer? Now that’s what it means by “Impossible is Nothing”. If you ask me, Adidas should quickly sign him up and offer him to be the spokesman for the motto itself.

Ted Williams used to have training but heroin had ruined his life. Thanks to this video, he is given a second chance in his life. He is now the announcer for Cleveland Cavaliers. He is also reunited with his mom after being apart for 20 years in Dr. Phil’s show. How often do someone get a second chance? Very rarely. So if you are given a rare second chance, make the best of it just like what Ted Williams had did.

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  • Caroline

    nice one! love this post lots! πŸ˜€

  • Caroline

    agree and true that everybody deserves a second chance. πŸ™‚ very inspiring la this post. im amazed when watching the 1st video. he did it well n great! πŸ˜‰

  • ErikaToh

    Aww…I believe in giving second chances if the person deserves it. πŸ™‚ Btw, I love the homeless man with the golden voice! He sure has a very good voice~ I'd love to listen to his voice on the radio~ ^^

  • [SK]

    yes, i really gotta agree with you.. it's how positively we think about life, and how we take the first step out with determination and passion towards our own life.. it's never easy thing to do, but i'm very touched by the two inspiring clips you've posted, i gotta really show my respect to them.. πŸ™‚

  • foongpc

    Inspiring videos indeed! Love them! : )

  • lianemarkus

    If we are given second chances, then we should do everything not to lose it again. I believe in second chances because I know I will be able to change the bad things that I have done in the past. We should all realize this just for example when we are in a relationship.
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