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Sometimes we are ignorant towards certain things in our life. Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter if you had no sufficient knowledge towards those things. Sometimes, you might thought that you know your “ABC” but in reality, you are well far from the truth. Does it matter?

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Well, what I’m saying is, it is important to do your research before you want to declare something publicly. Sometimes you think you know something but in reality it might not as simple as what you think. Sometimes, it might even come to a point where it is embarrassing in doing so. Let me give you an example which is also the MAIN POINT of my blog post today.

Anyone know of this Malaysian Malay movie titled “Kongsi”? This movie come with a tagline “Lu Langsi, Lu Mati”. If you are Chinese, you might know why I blog about this now and why I find it so amusing.

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Regardless of what race you are, I bet you know that both the word “Kongsi” and ” Langsi” are derived from Chinese Language. “Kongsi” stands for “Clan Hall”. It is not necessary be a triad or underground association. As you know, we Chinese had many surnames and each surnames used to be categorized into different clans. So it is not necessary to be a triad or black organisation.

However, that’s not the amusing one. The amusing one is the tagline. “Lu Langsi, Lu Mati” which according to them means “Kamu Kurang Ajar, Kamu Mati” in Malay or “You Rude, You Die” in English translation.

The word “Langsi” is obviously derived from the Chinese language. And without a doubt, it also meant “Rude” or “Kurang Ajar”. I’m NOT SURE if the producer, director or script writer know about this, but the word “Langsi” is actually a foul language in Chinese Language. Let me explain.

The word “Langsi” is supposed to be a combination of “Lan” and “Si”. The funny part is this.

“LAN” means DICK in Chinese Language and “SI” means SHIT in Chinese Language. Direct translate that to English, it is called “DICK SHIT”. Yes people. “LAN SI” means DICK SHIT and Chinese calls arrogant people as “DICK SHIT”. Basically it is actually cursing them. Just like how most of us like to scold people, ASSHOLE, DICKHEAD etc etc.

So basically, the producer of this movie is advertising an uncensored tagline because these people knew SHIT about anything. They thought they know it all but too bad, they are far from it. Ask any of your Chinese friends, what’s the exact meaning of “Lan Si”. The current Malaysia censorship board censored everything from minor foul language to Lady GaGa’s lyrics but they FAILED to do so for their current show. If you still don’t think the tagline is foul, well, why not translate to Bahasa Malaysia. “Kamu kemaluan lelaki tahi, Kamu Mati”. Still don’t get my drift?

Next time, PLEASE, research before sending anything out to public.

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  • @kianfai_rox

    I ROFL at it after your explanation and see the tagline in my clear vision LMAO!

    LU LANGSI already how to Mati again? HAHAHAHA

  • Nana Eddy

    Yup that sure promote a healthy "vocabulary" culture among youths. Even me as someone who knows little about Chinese Language know that is a word that I really would prefer my child not to use. What is more amazing is that the producer is Metrowealth. I mean, David do know Chinese right? Or maybe he's really bad with it?
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  • Isaac Tan

    Lol, the way you explained it certainly threw a new perspective on the movie. Anyway normally I wouldnt catch these type of movies. 🙂
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  • Caroline

    Hubby! :* lol! finally updated ur blog eh. :p

  • Caroline

    hahaha u told me about this when we went for Paul that day. 😀

  • Caroline

    *dang* nothing dat i can say bout this, as this type of movie doesnt attract me at all. lol! maybe they just wanna make some fun joke here? =/

  • Merryn

    hahaa.. ppl like me wont notice a single thing as i dunno the meaning oso 😀

  • lianemarkus

    Ignorance is something we should not be ashamed of. There are lots of things which we do not actually know and the most effective thing that we can do about it is to ask. There is nothing wrong with this because you are asking someone an answer to a question. That is better rather than acting as if you know everything but the truth is, you do not really know it at all.
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  • bestessay

    When you think the whole picture has been carved out for the future concerns, the whole game would be played for the enjoyment of the humans.

  • david

    It was a very good post indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my lunch time. Will surely come and visit this blog more often. low obl

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