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Why I Like It Longer


What is there not to like about being LONGER? It is more impressive, pleasurable, and shocking. When someone just come right to you and say that size doesn’t matters, I suggest you to take a toilet bowl and smash it on his or her head because SIZE DOES MATTERS. When you have it longer, people will look at you with full admiration, envy, and also lust. Basically if you have it longer, you are definitely the talk of the town. Why am I so sure of this? Here’s why.

I have many personal experience on why LONGER is always better. One of the reasons is girls. CHICKS DIG IT LONGER. It is just as simple as that. When you have it longer, girls noticed you even more. Take for example me. I have a longer than normal eyelashes and you know what it gets me? Girls flocking around me filled with envy and admiration. I even had this death treat before that the girl swore to murder me and pluck out my eyelashes to be implanted into hers. In the movies, you often seen spark coming out of the eyes, trust me, it’s the eyelashes. Longer eyelashes bring you more attention from girls. Although most of them just wanted to skin me alive for having longer eyelashes compare to them. You see? How these girls love it LONGER?

Long right? Jealous le....

A clearer view if anyone of you disagree or living in denial

Secondly, longer arm hair, ketiak hair, leg hair and pubic hair. Longer means you are more MAN than the rest especially those “White Chopped Chicken Losers”. Seriously, inadequate hormone growth? Real men have hairs all over their body and long ones too. Look at Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr. Chicks loved hot bods and manly bodies like theirs. If you ain’t that hairy, you just ain’t that manly.

See? Longer means more stand out ma...Don't laugh at my hair and mole...=____=

As you can see from all my blog post, I wrote seriously LONG post and this create a illusion to my readers that I’m actually a good writer but I’m not. People just got stunned by the length and then lazy to read my post. Most of them didn’t realize I made many mistakes. XD


However, times are just not like it used to be. Nowadays girls prefer girly looking White Chopped Chicken Metrosexuals such as Wang Lee Hom, Orlando Bloom or Robert Pattinson. Manly men like me just ain’t worshiped anymore. This isn't fair at all as I'm neither like them.

Moreover, I’m not blessed with a LONG height either. Standing at 166cm, some girls just hardly noticed me. Girls just do not realize the truth behind the “L-Theory” and apparently, I need something to properly portray my “weapon”.

You guys had no idea how frustrating to keep on talking to people like this. FML

Needless to say, I'm in need of something really really outstanding. It had to boost my self confidence and also make me popular with the ladies while being able to do the things I love. I wanted to blog in style, talk with style and walk with style.

So when I saw this LG Chocolate BL40, I snapped. The missing piece of puzzle in successful flirtation is definitely this sleek, shiny, black, long and beautiful baby. With this, I’m definitely the talk of the town.

What is not to like about this phone? The 5.0 megapixel camera? The 4 inch wide screen with crystal clear HD resolution? A stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display? The amazing 3D graphics that tempt your fingers to touch them with no end? How about the 3G, Wifi and HSDPA feature that enable you surf net wherever you go? This baby is definitely the BOMB. With its amazingly wide screen, I could basically blog wherever I go (no more excuse for lack of updates). With the amazingly wide screen, I could basically watch my movies wherever I go. What is not to LIKE about it? This is definitely one of the best phones from LG.

I could read blogs, FMyLife.com and BLOG while on the go..(as if la)

I can watch movie anywhere without having to worry about bad quality file or small screen.

As a design student, I could elaborate much more why I love the aesthetic beauty of the LG BL40. As the latest member of LG’s Black Label line, this phone definitely lived up to its expectation in terms of outlook. The slim body with glossy black finishes on its body had definitely brought out the elegance in it. The 4-inch not only enables you to browse through websites better but it also enhanced the elegance of the phone. From now on, scrolling websites do not need to scroll left and right anymore.

A perfection of minimalist elegant design with superb glossy black silver finishes

A product usually represents the user and their status. The elegant design of the phone is like having a supermodel girlfriend that you can brag about among your peers and made them drooled with jealousy. The perfect combination of glossy black and red color further makes the phone much more outstanding. The perfect minimalist design with the perfect touch of elegance is definitely the product that every ladies and men should have. What’s more suitable than the LG BL40 to suit your ballroom dresses or tuxedos?

Who don't want a super model as girlfriend? Who? Who? Who? See how matching they two are.

Given a break from the norm, the long elegant design is one of a kind. With this, I could blog in style and I seriously love reading in wide screen. Who wanna read in compact small screen? Even nowadays people buy LCD also buy wide screen right? People also becoming "wide screen" right? This phone does not become wider but it becomes longer which is the same in terms of quality but way better in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Seeing it’s about time to change my short and low-end phone, I definitely have to have this. The power of jealousy resulted from seeing my friends surfing net with their phone during “yam cha” sessions definitely makes my blood boils. Each of those times I had the tendency and urge to order a cup of teh tarik and splash it over their phones for ignoring me. If I have this phone, I could ignore them for once and make them jealous instead. Revenge is sweet.

What will happen if I have this phone? Could it be like this?

On one beautiful afternoon, as I strolled along full with style and class, I encountered this...

Of coz...I waste no time and.....

So what is it? (as if you guys couldn't guess it, just pretend you dunno for once)


Why I like it LONGER? Easy. Now I can go everywhere and flirt around without any problem. And I get to blog about it, capture it in the video and play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again wherever and whenever I want.
















Or not?

My Whole World Turn Black and White with A Little Blue

How do you like my entry for this contest? Hopefully I can win for the first ever blogging contest I joined. XD Too many good posts out there too. For more info about the contest, visit here.

Oppss....forgot to attach this pic in below...i attached it above instead...T.T please forgive me Nuffnang!!!!!!

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