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Why I Would Enjoy Unlimited International Voice Roaming


Flexiroam. What exactly it is? Do you know that it is a service that let you enjoy unlimited roaming only at RM10 a day and best of all, you can keep your current while using it oversea!

With Flexiroam, Agent 9394 wouldn’t need to encounter this problem of course. So since this post entitled me to blog about why I would enjoy unlimited international voice roaming, I would state several  reason why I would enjoy it myself (not as Agent 9394 of course…shhhh).

First of all, probably one of my most enjoyable past time during “important” business”

Ok, don’t look at me like I’m the only one who did that before. Seriously, being a designer, I would have to constantly getting in touch with clients. Although emails, or the internet would be convenient, I would actually prefer talking business on phone. It provide faster and more accurate mean of communication. Besides that, you would definitely get instant feedback. Even Whatsapp, or MSN would require several seconds for typing and that also by overlooking the fact that people usually will get distracted while chatting there. On the phone, everything is truly instant. Ask Caroline, she would tell you people that I prefer calls over everything else. Especially when overseas, where time is limited and everything. Unlimited roaming means I can make full use of my time there.

Next on my list is I could contact my family members anytime. Duh? I would be able to report my safety and everything over there. So they can rest assure. Need not to worry about those outrageous roaming charges, I can communicate all I want of course.

Contacting your loved ones during overseas cannot be any cheaper. Obviously, we would miss each other. Mere Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or email are not enough. With unlimited roaming, I would enjoy talking to my loved one anywhere and anytime. Is like bringing her along for my oversea trip. (business wan la of coz)

Finally, friends. One of the thing I hate the most during oversea trips, is I had to choose some souvenirs or presents back. Worst, if they hated me bringing back anything too conventional like keychains or “I Love Bla Bla Bla” shirts. Of course, calling them regardless of how many people can be affordable now with this unlimited roaming from Flexiroam.

Yeap, these are the reasons why I enjoy unlimited roaming. In this month of September which is from 1st Sept 2011 to 30th Sept 2011, Flexiroam is giving 1 MILLION free unlimited roaming passes that is valid from 1st September 2011 to 29 February 2012. Below are the details.


Booking Period: 1 Sep – 30 Sep 2011

Travel Period : 1 Sep – 29 Feb 2012

Countries : Australia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom & more! Everyday we give out free passes to a different country, so be sure to check back!

Or you can just go to Flexiroam Official Site for more details.

Or just join the contest like me here.

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