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Let’s just face it.It IS bloody impossible to save our society. It is now easier to find a bad apple in the basket rather than a good one. what could possible lead to this impossibility? Mass media? Internet? Movies? Music? Bla…bla…bla.. Every can play the BLAME GAME and everyone LOVES to be in it the game. Proving ownself innocent then judging others guilty and the cycle will forever be circling round and round and right back to the start. Can anyone see the common factor in all this bullshit? HUMANS..That’s right. You can deny all you want but the shit will just come back to us.

Why our society’s morale integrity used to be in such high level? Why we cannot learn from the past to apply in the present to build a better future? EASY. Family education and society’s role model are no more as effective. Can you expect a cigarette-popping father to ask his son or daughter to quit smoking? Or do you expect some foul-mouthed parents wanted to teach their children some politeness and manners? I could only guarantee that these children will definitely find a few “extra vocabularies” for them to use in daily life. Why our society’s Role Model had changed from Mahatma Gandhi to David Beckham? Why? May be they respect him for having such a hot wife to bang but i dunno..

OK, now we look into another factor. Politicians..Do we SERIOUSLY REALLY need to learn from them? Are they really good role models? Corruption, Lies and Scandals..How much of these that we need to taint our history of humanity? From politicians who often sleeps in meeting to sodomizing accusation to sex in the hotel then get busted and the list goes on and on. We don’t need scandals to contaminate the young minds. I bet that the young ones will definitely say that why bother doing wrong things, they do them too. Yes we humans are filled with errors but i do not see such obvious scandals during the 1960’s and so on. Seeing someone swearing on the Holy Book, but what’s the point? What happens if he really does lies? Will the book beat the hell out of the person and make him crap in his pants? Or he will get the suitable punishment when he pass on to a “better” world? Seriously how will we know or will everyone be contended with the assumption he will rot “there” if he lies? Something that is unproven and still a mystery is really SO RELIABLE? I’m not trying to deny the existence of God but isn’t God all-forgiving? Will the crimes be forgiven? There are just too many questions unanswered. The government should really quit playing mind games and being drawn into fighting for power. Instead, do something for our economy and education downfall rather than creating coffee shops talk topic. The general election is over a long time ago but it seems it is far from from over.

Singers, actors, sportsman…bla…bla…Haven’t we seen enough scandals revolving around them? Truly amazing how people expect us to learn things that they could not learn either. Why put the blame on us for social problems such as rape, robbery and so on so on? We the younger generations just did what we are suppose to do. What is it? LEARN. Isn’t that’s what the adults wanted us to do? We LEARN how to watch porn as a divine entertainment. We LEARN how to speak the “proper-adult” language and we LEARNED that the word “FUCK” is the most versatile word of all. We LEARN how to commit crimes to make us survive is this harsh cold world. We LEARN and LEARN and LEARN. YET the blame is on us. That’s the reason why the society cannot be saved. Everyone is doing mistake and at the same time blaming others. YES, very true I’m blaming people now BUT isn’t there a point? We youngsters are arrogant and dumb bastards. We thought everything that is WRONG is COOL and TRENDY. We are so smart that we claim education and examination are useless. WE are so dumb to study hard to score good grades in one of the world’s toughest examination and still not get the courses we wanted whereas those that study in another program with not so good grades end up with the course they wanted. Can we still be saved? We craved for SALVATION but in return we get more and MORE STARVATION.

WE wanted to have sex because we wanted to know what else could our body POSSIBLY do rather than just, eat, breathe, move, sleep and shit. We rob and steal because we wanted to know what is it for being able to survive. Prices of everything goes up but yet our salary remained the same as ever. WE lie in business and claimed it is a tactic that only a master can manipulate. Increasing cost with constant income could only cause us to seek more alternatives. We began to LEARN the “business-trade” in the underworld. If it is wrong to commit crimes to earn money, then why the bloody fuck there is no increase in salary? Our selfishness to continue to survive in this “improving” economy will eventually lead to the downfall of this society. So that’s why we cannot be saved.

SAVE us by throwing free money at us. SAVE us by providing us with free sex toys so we won’t release it on others. SAVE us by providing every countries in the world with government that are willing to sacrifice to save us rather than making profits or filled with corruptions and scandals. HOW far will we go to free this society fro the grip of despair? Can anyone actually do that? WE are not Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman because we lack the superpower abilities and the wealth and also the super power ability or wearing undergarments on the outside. So how can we save ourselves? It is practically impossible and a reality check for those who still hold a faint hope of saving the world and scumbags called human. Everyone lives for themselves and that’s the law we humans had agreed on. We might sacrifice ourselves to save our family, friends, loved ones but will we sacrifice to save the whole world? Can anyone willing to starve to death so that their food can be shared with those who did not eat? Can Brangelina adopt every single children craving for their help?

HOW can we save the society when we cannot even clean the shits in the public toilets? HOW about cleaning the public trash sites that ironically usually comes with a sign “Jangan Buang sampah di sini. Denda….” HOW about letting an ugly kid sing rather than replacing her with some pretty kid who ironically can lip-synch? How about demoting pedophile archbishops or do we actually need to keep them as role model? Promises are made and promises are broken. We had pratically given up the idea of complete salvation among mankind. Loopholes in LAW and Assholes are USING them. This led to the many and many of problems that we had.

That’s all for a piece of my mind that could eventually lead to some unpeaceful thinking. I do not wish to offend anyone in this post as you already had the warining before entering this dump site. XD Anyway do drop a comment. I welcome any criticism and also insults. My computer is practically noob-proof to be able to handle that. =P that’s all fro now…SIGNING OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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