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As I expected, someone tend to take my stuff too seriously. I am not aware of this until someone notify me regarding this matter. And I had to say, this idiot is nothing but a jealous self-pity attention deprived idiot. Sorry to disappoint some of you guys, this is not a comic post but a rant one.

But I do encourage you guys to read on because who knows, this might serve as a warning to each and everyone of us.

I’m proud to be a blogger for several reasons. First, it’s a hobby. A hobby that make full use of what I like and good at. Hobby that earns me friends. That’s why I’m proud of it. Secondly, I’m proud of what I do because there are things people WILL NOT do to protect their interest but I did it anyway. However, when it comes to lying in blogging, I will not do it because I’m not as good as certain someone. Like I said. It’s NOT a fucking profession to me so I need not to lie to protect my interest.

I was literally amused when there are people who just lie in their blog post about certain achievement that they never really achieved at all in real life. It comes to the point where people are making full use of their jealousy and self pity to create lies so people would actually pour out some pity for them.

Why would I say they are lying? It’s easy. It’s because by reading what they wrote, I could provide all together evidence for anyone who would like to know the truth. It’s because sometimes, people tend to think no one had anything on them, they would just do whatever they please. The reason I did not expose all the lies and things that are unfavorable for them, it’s because I believe in karma and bringing damage to others would affect my future regardless of how deserving they can be.

Who gives each and every single one of ANYONE who own a blog regardless an infant or the world most powerful politician, the right to be the moral police in blogosphere? For all I care, I could damn well reveal every single sins behind that fake mask of theirs to the world. FUCK, I COULD EVEN REVEAL WHATEVER IS GOING ON INCLUDING YOUR PEOPLE’S FACES AND NAMES RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. Or may be I already did? Probably they do not have any masks, it’s just that they are even lying to themselves and eventually they lived in a world made up of lies and reality might as well be lies to them.

My solid evidence does not compromise of oral evidence but actually solid evidence of how deceitful they are. Or may I say, how fake they can be. I do not understand why people who USUALLY preach about how disrespectful others, are usually people who did the same as well. Isn’t it like a pot calling a kettle black? May I remind you that whatever we normal bloggers committed, you people did the same as well. Don’t give me the fucking bullshit that you guys did it since everyone is doing it. If you claim that you didn’t commit it, I can conclude that you people are not observant enough of the time.

These people not only mixes their personal emotions and feelings in judging, they are just plain stupid for criticizing people who would not give a shit about them. It comes to the point laughable because apparently, no one call themselves as famous, well-known or whatever fame shits that counts BUT the people who criticize. Don’t you idiots realize that those so called “COMPLIMENTS” came from none other than you idiots yourself? Shall we so called “famous” people express our gratitude towards you guys that actually THE ONLY ONES who COMPLIMENT US EVEN THOUGH SARCASTICALLY?

And what’s more interesting over this whole debacle? Thanks for actually paying attention to us bloggers. I’m glad that you felt the opposite from us because we can rest easy not to be classified as self pity retards like you guys. Like what most people say. JEALOUS ENEMIES ARE OFTEN SILENT ADMIRERS. Can I make a request? Please don’t be our admirers. Why not admire each other in your own group of people?

When it comes to politics, I always wanted to avoid it. Surprisingly, these people claim that we are so fake and very political in our blogosphere are ACTUALLY CREATING POLITICS TO STIR US UP. Don’t they realize that they are the ones trying to create politics by saying or blogging about these kinds of shits? Why? Jealous never involve in any politics is it so want to create one? How pitiful is that? Do we mix only with certain people and ONLY certain people? No. I eventually LOST COUNT of how many people I knew over the past several months. So does this mean I’m popular? Not exactly. I still have a very low average of 120 unique visitors a day like what I assume most bloggers do. So what’s so popular when each of us has almost the same amount of unique visitors? Kenny Sia with over 10000 visitors a day and NOW THAT’S FAMOUS.

Probably it would only dawn to certain people the difference between bloggers and star bloggers or celebrity bloggers. The last I check, the definition of blogger is someone who owns a blog and write a blog post. None of the definitions includes UNIQUE FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO GET INVITES TO DAMN FUCKING A LOT OF EVENT AND THEN SHOW IT OFF ON BLOG.

If I’m not mistaken, people who often goes around trying to put up a different face depending on blogs in commenting stuff are even more political minded. Probably some attention deprived assholes who had too much free time up their ass that they had to poke in businesses of others. Perhaps I shall introduce you people to new entertainment called LIFE? I have a life and so do other bloggers. So don’t just butt into our lives like you are some divine blogging moral police on what we should or must do. We don’t suck up to some fat jackass readers just for them to keep reading our blog. For me personally, I would thank every compliment humbly and make sure haters get the attention they always craved for. It’s consider doing charity to me. Similar to helping handicapped or mentally disturbed people.

Why, you guys said you people couldn’t care less of us? Well, apparently you do (another lie if you still can’t get it). Even responding to this post meant that you actually do care? Are you reading it? I bet you are. Attention deprived lying whores you bunch of people are.

Don’t like what I said? Then, FUCK YOU and go fuck yourself.

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