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You Are Unique, Just Like Everyone Else


Sorry for disappearing from blogosphere for quite a moment although I doubt much people will ever miss my writing. Recently, my disease really get the better of me. Yes, I’m actually fighting an almost incurable and chronic disease. A sickness that I had since young and always troubling my mother. The disease is call laziness. Well, may God bless me in this fight.


Anyway, had anyone told you before that you are someone special? Someone unique and hard to find among the society? Be it the person who remind you of this is you parents, best friends, teachers, lovers, relatives or your dogs, I bet majority of you do agree that statement is true for everyone else. So what’s so special about being unique when everyone else is unique too?

The Actual Trend

it’s cool to remind someone that you are actually different, unique and special. Whether you are an exceptional singer, exceptional inventor, exceptional businessman or an exceptional retard, in the end, it makes someone feels special. I used to tell several of my friends how special they are and they should be proud of what they are rather than trying to blend in with the others. But I realized that my efforts are merely fallen on deaf ears because I come to realize, none of them ever take me seriously.

The actual trend in our society is not trying to be different. Is trying to be the same as everyone else. Everyone had been trying to indulge themselves and even forcing their way into the “IN” group of the society. Don’t you agree? In fact, most of you guys do not even realize that you are doing the exact same thing. I know because I used to be that way. Unconsciously, I’m trying to be JUST another member of a group that I have absolutely no idea of to begin with. Before you guys start throwing sticks, stones and dildos at me for falsely accusing you all, let me take an example. The World Cup. The most watched program in the world and everyone is joining in the fun to watch it and unfortunately even gamble on it.


I have absolutely nothing against people trying to get to know about the sport they watched JUST for the sake of being able to keep up with the society. But I’m absolutely hating the fact that people are just plain misunderstanding the World Cup. Let me ask you guys, when World Cup comes into mind, what do you usually thought of besides football? Yes, my friend, you are a freaking genius for saying that it is gambling. Sad to say, many people are saying that betting is a normal tradition of World Cup and everyone is doing it. Those who said that or even thought of that just tainted the sport.

Hey, I know most of you guys do think it that way and even bet on football matches but I’m not gonna go into that. Do any of you guys subconsciously get drawn towards gambling and World Cup because everyone was into it? I was once. I remembered I started watching football in Form 3 because everyone of my classmates are talking about football and I too wanted to fit in, subconsciously trying to do what everyone is doing. That includes betting. But I made an effort of getting to know the sport better too rather than just pretending knowing the sport at all.

Here’s several things you can ask yourself to check if you a one of the person I mentioned.
1. Do you watch football on regular basis before this World Cup?
2. Do you bet regularly on football matches before this World Cup?
3. Do you honestly think that a player’s performance is judged on how many goals the person scores?

If your answer for “1” and “2” is no and a “yes” for 3, and then yes, you watch World Cup for the sake of blending in the majority. This is ironic compare to what a lot of parents, teachers or friends had been saying that we should be ourselves and dun be influenced by others.

A Bad Thing or A Good Thing


It’s not exactly a bad thing if you ask me. In fact, that is one of the reason I watched World Cup and play Dota last time. I loved them as well. However, too much of something isn’t good. Should World Cup be encouraging betting among the society? What if our children start to take up gambling just for betting in World Cup? I heard of someone committing suicide due to debts from losing in this year’s World Cup matches and what if the person is actually your family members or loved ones? Betting on World Cup matches had become terrifyingly normal that people actually allows betting and even the parents.

Our eagerness to be accepted by the large majority of the society held a great appeal towards us and it often blinds us. Kids used to being left out for not having Pokemon cards (true story but I’m not involved). They suffer loneliness and naturally, humans cannot live alone. Hence, the great desire to blend in with the majority and break free from the curse of the minority. Humans are capable of being different from everyone else but at the same time, they awaits approval from the society and even trying to blend in at some time. To impress them and also to mingle with them. Consciously or unconsciously.

What Should We Do?

Teaching our kids not to be afraid of being yourself and also do not mind any other criticism is a good way. However, is it the correct way of looking into life? I admit that I am most of the time different from many people both in a good way and definitely in a bad way. But is it important? What important is the person to feel good about himself/herself and comfortable being in that position. If a person do not like to stand out so much, it’s kinda hard to try to fore him into something he’s not.


To me, what important is learning to accept a person for who he/she is. If I’m going to have my own kids, I would instill this into them and I would definitely teach them how to accept people for who they are especially in making friends. We should learn how to accept other people regardless of whatsoever reason. The main reason why so many people trying desperately to blend in to the majority group is because people had been shutting them off if they don’t do so. Learning to accept and adapt is much more crucial than realizing how pointless it is to keep trying to be different at times. We need to be different in our own way and hence, we should also accept that everyone else in this world is unique. As ironic as it may sound, but it is actually a fact.

And for those who wanted to join the “IN” group for the fear of being left out or just trying to blend in with the society, I have one very valuable advise. That is to get your facts right and research done in a right way rather than just bragging about things you see on the surface. You’ll be deemed as an attention seeker if you do so. For the girls who watches football for hot guys, at least know a little bit about your favorite hawtie such as the club he plays for and what is he good at. XD It never hurts to learn something right?

Ok. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading this long post and for those who actually able to read them all (which I actually doubt), thank you anyway. Please leave a comment to express how you feel even if it’s a hater comment. If you are a hater, please have some balls to leave your link before commenting.

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