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You Get What You Complained


This below here is a true story. Or should I say the contents are true However, it is also reconstructed entirely different so that no one will exactly know who is this person or the true story behind it. So, enjoy.










So, apparently this person had a very sharp mouth in criticizing others. He is good looking and a very smart student as well. Which explains why so many girls admire him. His criticizing knows no limit and he even criticized the partners of other people as well. Despite so many girls after him, he kept rejecting one after another and pinpoint out every single superficial reason there is out there.

He’s that superficial and he set a high standard for the girlfriend that is suited to be with him. Or so he claimed and tell everyone about. Due to his picky attitude, he does not get into any relationship at all. And then when he finally does, everyone was expecting the girl of his life to be SUPER AWESOME PERSONALITY AND SUPER HOT but only she turned out to be a SUPER NOT!

She had basically most of the superficial attributes he despises but yet they got together. Love is blind? May be, but the girl’s attitude as I heard, is not too great as well besides being equally smart as him. Such an irony in life right? Seems like, the things you complained, end up being the things you had to keep up with and bear with. Karma I assume?

So, if you want your future girlfriend or boyfriend to be super hot, start complaining about people being too hot. No harm trying right? Want a tall boyfriend? Complain about tall guys. Want a pretty girlfriend? Complain about girls being pretty! (That doesn’t sound right.)


This last comic panel is also a true story for both Caroline and me as well. Lesson of the day is? Never complain about every single thing as they might be the best thing that could ever happened to you. Don’t complain about working too hard and being underpaid, you might end up realizing that’s your stepping stone towards success. Be positive about things and don’t be too judgemental over people.

By the way, this post is not about how much I dislike Caroline being thin. Of course I will like her to have more meat as it would be healthier, but I love her all the same regardless. Which is why I no longer complains. Some people better stop complaining me being fat and lazy or I might just end up remaining that way! *In Perfect Denial*

P/S: If you guys might say they will not be together for long, guess what? All I can say is they REALLY DO live happily EVER AFTER. =)

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